This was our weekend. If you don't know what that picture is it is my sons oxygen saturation level. Yep my oldest was having problems breathing this weekend. Asthma is not new to us so I did all the normal things to try and control it but it won. I hate asthma. Last night he got really bad but being a single Mom trying to take 2 sleeping children and a sick child to the ER in the middle of the night doesn't look appealing. It is times like these I HATE being single. I do have friends I can call in the middle of the night BUT who wants to do that either?? Anyway, I prayed a lot last night that we could just wait till this morning and after 3 treatments he settled down and fell asleep. I didn't. I laid there and watched his ribs for signs he was retracting and I prayed....and cried. I keep hoping he will just outgrow this. He is doing fine tonight. I took him to the ER this morning and after checking his O2 level they took us straight back. He got a steroid shot in his hip and several breathing treatments and we left with the promise that I would bring him back immediately if he started to struggle again. He starts the prednisone (8 pills!!!) in the morning and they added singulair to his proAir and Albuterol that he already takes. I am exhausted and so is he. Needless to say we missed church this morning. I know I have mentioned before how much I love the teens at my church. Well, tonight one of the girls called and asked where I was...she thought I was in another area and she couldn't find me...we do this all the time so she was shocked when I told her I wasn't there. We talked for a few minutes and hung up. What happened next touched me SO MUCH. One of the other teens heard from her that my son was sick and called and said "Ms Barbie I am going to pray with you" and then he went on to pray. It was just so touching. I had to share because that just blessed me SOOOOO much. He is only in 10th grade!! 10th and he is already sold out to God. Then he hung up and another girl called and said she wanted to stop by tomorrow to make sure my son was ok. How sweet are they??!! Already being the Body of Christ in high school:-) I feel blessed tonight....exhausted but blessed:-)


Lynn said...

I sure hope he is better today and you have gotton some much needed rest. Bless you girl!

Lyndy said...

Oh my sweet friend what an ordeal. I can only imagine how hard times like this must be for you, as a single parent. My mother was a single parent, as my dad died when I was a year old, so I have the utmost respect for single moms. I pray your son is feeling much better. What a blessing though for your youth from church to call and pray for you.

Big Hugs, Lyndy

Larissa said...

I totally sympathize right now. We have been through the sickness, and I am hoping we are on the mend, but it does suck! It totally sucks!!! There is no other way to put it! I hope yours get well too. And by the way, you're daughter looks so cute in her glasses!