Sorry I haven't updated and thank to those who emailed to remind me;-) lol This week has just been insane. Wednesday started out a normal day and I left early to attend the "meet me at the flagpole" at the local high school here for prayer and music...it was such a blessing to see teenagers praising God in a PUBLIC high school! I went to a private Christian school growing up so doing stuff like that was the "norm"....for these kids to take a stand in a HUGE public school is HUGE to me and refreshing:**) ...Oh and the youth pastor from the church I have been visting was there...gotta love that!! Then I went to work and had an amazing morning. I work with other Christians and we end up singing and goofing off while working. I really LOVE my job which I know is a blessing in itself...how many people can say they love their job kwim? Things are going along like any other day and then my cell buzzes...it is a dear friend and my 9yo son has been injured at school. Being a SINGLE Mom slapped me in the face HARD:-( For the first time in my life as Mom someone else went to the school to pick up my son:**( I am beyond thankful that it is someone I love and trust but it was still so hard for me. I know that my family that is reading this just gasped because NOBODY has ever been allowed to get my kids from school...NOBODY other than my parents. She brought my son to my job and we took him to a little "doc in a box" for x-rays. Monday I am taking him to an Orthopedist for a second opinion. Right now he has his arm in a splint and his elbow and hand are really swollen:-( When my 9yo doesn't want to play video games he is hurting! So that is a glimpse into the life of this single Mom:-) It seems like when things are going great satan tries to knock me down...I AM learning to get up quicker and brush myself off but some days I just get tired and wonder why it has to be so hard....I am SOOOOO thankful that I serve an understanding God that loves me no matter how many times I fail. So today I am counting my blessings (there are many!!) and taking my kids to a local museum..oh yeah! for those who don't know today is National Museum Day and you can get in for free:-) Can't beat that price!! Plus I haven't been to the one here and it sounds better than sitting at home lol Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!!


46 Degrees in SEPTEMBER!!!

My kids are so confused lol They still don't understand how it is "winter" when we haven't had Christmas yet! I am just gonna say that 46 degrees in September is JUST WRONG! I wanted to see fall but 46??? I have been cooking at a nice 106degrees all summer and you give me 46?? I am gonna freeze this winter lol


Church Woes

I have been in Oklahoma for close to two months now and I haven't found a church...it is so frustrating because there is one on every corner lol I really tried to love the first one I went to visit because it was right down the street. I want that sense of community and I want my kids to meet other kids in the neighborhood. I tried to ignore that I hated the music portion and kept going until they started a series on the family...oh my word that was HARD to listen to:**( The second week into the series I literally got up and left crying. I just left the man I love with all my heart so the last thing I want to hear about it is the "perfect" family. I don't want to hear about how the man should lead the family in prayer and all the other things I never had. It was too painful. I started looking for something closer to what I went to in Florida. I don't have a particular denomination that I just cling to. I was raised..well, not exactly "raised" but I rode a bus to a Baptist church growing up lol As a young child I became very active in a Independent Fundamentalist Baptist Church with the whole list of rules that went with it...I am not knocking them because they kept me in line as a youngster when I could have been rebellious:-) Actually I did become a little rebellious at 19 and ended up marrying my dh lol But that is whole nother story lol Ok back to this story I quit going to church completely and jumped into married life and working and trying to have babies. Somewhere in there I became broken and needed God..I think it was in between our losses of pregnancies and my marriage falling apart...this was 10yrs ago so it wasn't the "end" of my marriage but the beginning of major problems. I started going with my SIL to a non-denominational church and I LOVED it. I realized for the first time it wasn't about a religion or a set of rules it was about a relationship with Jesus Christ...that changed my life and my way of thinking. Once again I stopped going to church...at this point my only excuse was I was tired of getting the kids ready to go to church and taking them alone...I nursed mine so I often had to leave the service to feed them and my oldest hated being away from me...it wasn't a pleasant experience. Then several years ago I realized I need God and I had to quit choosing my dh over Him. There were people God had placed in my life (you know who you are) that had something I wanted...Jesus would just shine SOOOO brightly from them and I missed that..I knew I had it once and I longed to have that again. So I started going again. This time I started attending an Assembly of God...I won't say I agree with everything they believe but I know it was where God wanted me...The church was huge and played a large role in our community and I loved it. I want something like that again.... I called my old church and they found an AOG around the corner from me and I went to visit. The music..oh how do I explain the music...I LOVED the music and part of my worship is through music. I have always always listened to Christian music and even through my "rebellious" stage I couldn't listen to stuff that wasn't uplifting...music just effects me. I may not be able to sing but I still love it lol I enjoyed the music and the preaching part BUT I can't seem to find a SS class that I fit in. The church is big and I know from experience you need to be in a small group somewhere to really get to know people. I need to be a part of a church and a part of the body...I need to be able to do for others. Still where do I fit in? I can't attend a couples class because I am not a couple...I can't attend the one without a name sopeoplelikemecanfeelcomfortable because 90% of them are way older than me and I didn't like the singles class because it was only 2 women and more like a social hour. I want teaching. I NEED teaching. So I am going back but only to the main service until I can find something. The kids LOVE it but is that because they are just playing? I hate looking for a church and I know that God wanted me in Oklahoma.... I know He has a church picked out for me but how do I find it with churches EVERYWHERE? How can I attend a single class when I have no desire to hook up with other single men and they seem more like a dating service IME. Yes, I am a single Mom but I am a Mom that just wants to take care of her children and I am NOT looking for a replacement for the man I love. So please join me in prayer that I can find the perfect church for my family I would appreciate it:-)


Warning this is gross so if you are eating you might want to wait to read this lol I have a weak tummy when it comes to certain things :-P I can handle blood all day long but boogers and poop are a whole nother story. I WILL vomit. Also I guess to understand this story you have to know my cat and dog like the trash can so I have to keep it locked in the bathroom while we are gone. Today the trash was in the bathroom but a little nameless child left the door open. We came home to trash everywhere.....ok this was part of why I wanted to clean today lol ANYWAY, I was cleaning the boys bathroom and this little blob of brown stuff was on the tile....I was soGROSSED out! How could the boys miss the toilet while pooping?? how is that possible?? I immediately started gagging and trying not to vomit...as I was cleaning it the blob smeared which immediately triggered the vomit reflex...yuck! Then the smell hit me! Would you believe it was just PEANUT BUTTER?? lol All that drama over peanut butter:-P So that was my exciting Friday night:-D Makes being a single Mom look so glamorous doesn't it??


WOW! I thought I could just disappear and nobody would really notice but gosh I was wrong lol I have been pleasantly surprised with the emails I have received!! How sweet are ya'll??!! It is so great to know that others are praying for me and care about what is going on:-) That so touches my heart!! I guess I WILL update but because I have become increasingly concerned with internet safety I will leave my childrens names off and I might be vague about location:-) Oklahoma is pretty big so that is all you need to know lol The kids are doing great and my dd just had her 7th b-day. I wanted so much to make her b-day special since it would be her first here but unfortunately I was sick...really sick:-/ It is hard to be a single Mom and sick!! I literally laid on the couch for 2 days and if it wasn't for my dear friends Mom my kids would have had cereal for dinner two nights instead of one lol Her Mama also baked my dd a cake and brought cookies to her school so the day wasn't totally ruined. The kids Daddy flew in the day after and spent a few days with them. I took that opportunity to see a Dr and got meds for the pneumonia I had...fun times lol I had a party for her at Chuck E Cheese the following week to make up for it:-) The kids are also doing great in school and I love that the teachers email ya with updates. I am SOOOO impressed with the Oklahoma school system and I knew on paper it looked good but now I can say from experience. I also love my job and how many people can say that?? I work while my kids are in school so I can still do all the Mom things that are needed. I feel blessed that although I am a single Mom I am able to work while they are in school and I have school holidays off;-) God has really taken care of us and I am so blessed!


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Sorry to disappear without an explanation...I won't be updating my blog anymore BUT my email is always open...My email address is in my profile:-) Thank you all for your prayers over these last few months. I appreciate your support more than you know!!