Barbie is out of surgery. I just heard from one of her lady friends from church.

They removed her appendix with the lap. procedure. She's awake but groggy - and obviously there's still pain.

The doctors were big dummy heads and let her go without pain meds for an hour before the surgery, so she's ticked off at them. Also, she told them when she went in last Wed that she thought it was her appendix, but they "ruled that out" with the tests. Mmmm hmm - how's that workin' for ya?

I digress ... Barbie is ok. The worst is over. Recovering from a lap surgery is a lot easier than being stuck in a hospital for a week in exrutiating pain.

She should be home within a couple of days and telling you the rest of the story.

Thank you SO much for your prayers, I know it means the world to her. (And also to me, because I love her so much!) You all rock!


Please pray for Barbie

Hey Y'all ... this is Jesica. Barbie's talked about me before. Sometimes she calls me Bald Chick.

I'm posting today to ask you all to pray for Barbie. She was having severe pain in the side/abdomen on Wednesday. She took herself to the ER. She was admitted. She's been there ever since. She's having MUCH much pain and quite a bit of nausea.

They don't know what is causing the pain. They've run a mess of tests and come up with nothing.

Sometime tomorrow, they'll be going in laparoscopically to poke around and see if they can find the problem. "Exploratory surgery" doesn't sound like much fun to me, but they can't find a source for the pain in any of the tests they've run. And they've run a LOT.

Please be praying that they find the reason for all the pain she's having, and can fix it quickly and easily. Barbie needs to be better, pain free, and home with her kids. Like NOW. So would you please join me in praying for a complete and speedy healing.

Thank you!


Prayer Request

This beautiful family needs your prayers. They had a baby in late August and on Sept 8th they found a cyst in her brain...Moms not the baby! She has undergone two surgeries since then and she is still in the hospital. They are amazing people of faith but understandably they are weary right now...this is where WE come in as the body of Christ! I know her Mommy heart wants to be home with her newborn and three young children. I know Pastor Matt wants his wife not to hurt. They know God's Word and they are standing on it so I am asking you to join us in praying for COMPLETE healing. She has had problems with short term memory and yesterday they turned off the drain and hoped that it wouldn't leak or cause more pressure...well, this morning he text messaged me that the left side was leaking from the tube and they had to sutcher it closed...now they have to wait 2-3 days...they are trying to avoid putting in a shunt..bottom line is we need TOTAL healing. Thankfully we serve a God that heals!! So I am asking you to join me in praying for Matt and Cheryl...we KNOW God can heal and we are all standing on that! Thanks for praying also! Lets storm the gates of heaven and watch the hand of God move!! And I am thanking God for His answer because I believe that Cheryl will be healed 100% and will suffer no long term effects.


Where the past catches up with me.....

WOW!! Who knew my past would follow me 25 yrs and 1284 miles later??!! Yesterday I was talking to the new guy at work while we were all in the break room...he mentioned he was a Floridian so I asked him where he was from and he said "Florida"....lol I kind of figured that but refrained from saying DUH!! :-) I asked where in Florida and explained that I was born and raised there. We kept talking and things were like really similar and then he mentioned what schools he went too and I was like "HEY! ME TOO!!"...the only problem is in my head I am still VERY young so there was NO WAY I attended school with this older man with a head full of gray hair...yeah yeah mine would be too if it wasn't for my hair dresser...STILL I am not that old;-) We DID go to school together and the worst part is once he knew that I was Barbie from that school he remembered my maiden name!! AND ME!! Then he announced to everyone that I was the BIG BULLY! It isn't something I hide because I mentioned it here high school but omword it has been 25 yrs!! I was in 8th grade!! That was the year I started attending church and eventually got saved but not at the beginning of the year when I guess I made an impression...I KNOW I was a bully! So today I brought my yearbook from 8th grade and we showed everyone...it's so funny how much the 80s have come back!! And every one seems to think it was SO FUNNY that *I* was a bully... I am thankful that people don't see me like that now because Jesus changed that part...YES I am STILL sarcastic and slightly ornery at times but I would NEVER EVER try to hurt someones feelings... not on purpose...I am quick to speak and I don't always have a "filter" but I am not mean...So today I realized that your past CAN find you and I am also thankful that

2 Corinthians 5
17Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.


The Men in My Life!

One of the things I LOVE about my church is they are our family...not just mine but to everyone that walks through the doors! I don't think there IS a friendlier church! They are always doing stuff in the community and at the school I work with...things like this! How amazing is that??!!
And they do it expecting NOTHING in return..it is just a ministry:-)
When I moved here I remember wanting to find a church that we could be involved in so my children would have a support system in place...I knew I couldn't raise them alone.. I mean cmon I moved here with 3 kids ON FAITH with NO family for 1200 miles!....you know some days I think about that fact and wonder who that person was lol For those who truly know me it is so far out of my character it isn't even funny! I don't even like to make a decision about where to eat for dinner when I go out with friends! I am the laid back one that is content to do whatever! Anyway, I love that the men are involved in my children's lives...I love that when the church has "Guy Night" that someone invites my boys...I love that when a family goes hiking they involve my children...I love that when my daughter has a "Dads and Donuts" thing at school that she feels comfortable enough to ask a friends dh...I love that! I love that my children enjoy church so much and can feel that same love that I do. I love that when I don't know what to do with a growing teenager I have a youth pastor that will take him to lunch so they can talk man to man...that stuff is PRICELESS and so important. I don't think they will ever know how much they all mean to us but check out my daughters face in this picture...this is her with her "Pops" and she couldn't have been more proud to bring him in place of her Dad..these are memories they are making with my children and I couldn't ask for anything more! I am so blessed!!



Edited to add pics at bottom from shopping trip lol

Surprise pregnancy
DVT from groin to back of knee
heparin pump in belly or leg...whichever had fewer bruises
31 weeks of bedrest
on a mattress in the living room
2 little ones...5 1/2yo and 2 1/2 yo
1 hr 45 min of INTENSE labor with MUCH drama
broken tailbone cuz her hand was above her head...silly girl!!


Here is my beautiful daughter that is here only by the grace of God:-)

To God be ALL the glory!!
See doctors don't know everything...they advised me to abort
Hmmp look what I would have missed out on!

Ok we are off to have a girls night with a friend from church:-)
I will try to take pictures of both of them in their element...SHOPPING lol
Happy 9th Birthday baby girl!!
Ok we are back! We went out to eat salad since that is my dd favorite food. Then we shopped till the stores closed.
Oh my word my daughter is a born shopper...I am not.
BUT I have a dear friend/mentor/sister that LOVES to shop! I am going to give you a face and name so I don't have to type in friend/mentor/sister anymore lol
Introducing Emily and my friend, Cheryl
Here they are at Old Navy looking pretty serious about CLOTHES...what could possibly be serious about clothing? Who knew there were so many rules and colors lol I think I heard my daughter is a winter:-) What that means I have no clue lol
They stopped long enough to pose for me...both of them are HUGE hams!!
This is them in the dressing room at JC Penneys
SEE! They are ready to strike a pose anytime!

My daughter had a great time and Cheryl just loves to shop lol And I love spending time with both of them:-) Now just 88 shopping days till MY birthday and I will let you know where I register...just kidding! (ok Jesi that was for you lol)



This will be the only thing I say about politics on my blog....at least I think it is:-)

Actually I will just include this link because it speaks for itself
Sarah Palin Speaks To Wasilla Assembly of God


Red Rock Canyon

Have you ever done something and realized you aren't as young as you used to be?? That is how I felt the morning after Labor Day lol The kids and I met a family from church at Red Rock Canyon State Park - Oklahoma Parks, Resorts & Golf They had been camping there for the weekend and we just went to hike and join them for lunch on Monday. The kids had a BLAST! Oh my word they were in heaven! I just enjoy being with people so you know I had fun BUT I am also TERRIFIED of heights! It is one of the many reasons I am in Oklahoma because it is FLAT like Florida...well, most of what I have seen is;-) Anyway, we went on this hike and I am thinking it will be just a hike...you know like in the woods...on flat ground but NO...it was like THISAnd this

in case you were wondering if this was safe...here's your sign

Yes that says serious injury and DEATH! Did I mention I am an over protective Mom?? No comments from the peanut gallery...and you know who you are!

Anyway, the kids and *I* were exhausted when we left but I had to drive so this is what they did:-)