Edited to add pics at bottom from shopping trip lol

Surprise pregnancy
DVT from groin to back of knee
heparin pump in belly or leg...whichever had fewer bruises
31 weeks of bedrest
on a mattress in the living room
2 little ones...5 1/2yo and 2 1/2 yo
1 hr 45 min of INTENSE labor with MUCH drama
broken tailbone cuz her hand was above her head...silly girl!!


Here is my beautiful daughter that is here only by the grace of God:-)

To God be ALL the glory!!
See doctors don't know everything...they advised me to abort
Hmmp look what I would have missed out on!

Ok we are off to have a girls night with a friend from church:-)
I will try to take pictures of both of them in their element...SHOPPING lol
Happy 9th Birthday baby girl!!
Ok we are back! We went out to eat salad since that is my dd favorite food. Then we shopped till the stores closed.
Oh my word my daughter is a born shopper...I am not.
BUT I have a dear friend/mentor/sister that LOVES to shop! I am going to give you a face and name so I don't have to type in friend/mentor/sister anymore lol
Introducing Emily and my friend, Cheryl
Here they are at Old Navy looking pretty serious about CLOTHES...what could possibly be serious about clothing? Who knew there were so many rules and colors lol I think I heard my daughter is a winter:-) What that means I have no clue lol
They stopped long enough to pose for me...both of them are HUGE hams!!
This is them in the dressing room at JC Penneys
SEE! They are ready to strike a pose anytime!

My daughter had a great time and Cheryl just loves to shop lol And I love spending time with both of them:-) Now just 88 shopping days till MY birthday and I will let you know where I register...just kidding! (ok Jesi that was for you lol)

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Jesica said...

Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl!!

I sure wish I was there to make you blackeyed peas and cornbread.

We miss you LOTS!