Please pray for Barbie

Hey Y'all ... this is Jesica. Barbie's talked about me before. Sometimes she calls me Bald Chick.

I'm posting today to ask you all to pray for Barbie. She was having severe pain in the side/abdomen on Wednesday. She took herself to the ER. She was admitted. She's been there ever since. She's having MUCH much pain and quite a bit of nausea.

They don't know what is causing the pain. They've run a mess of tests and come up with nothing.

Sometime tomorrow, they'll be going in laparoscopically to poke around and see if they can find the problem. "Exploratory surgery" doesn't sound like much fun to me, but they can't find a source for the pain in any of the tests they've run. And they've run a LOT.

Please be praying that they find the reason for all the pain she's having, and can fix it quickly and easily. Barbie needs to be better, pain free, and home with her kids. Like NOW. So would you please join me in praying for a complete and speedy healing.

Thank you!

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