Red Rock Canyon

Have you ever done something and realized you aren't as young as you used to be?? That is how I felt the morning after Labor Day lol The kids and I met a family from church at Red Rock Canyon State Park - Oklahoma Parks, Resorts & Golf They had been camping there for the weekend and we just went to hike and join them for lunch on Monday. The kids had a BLAST! Oh my word they were in heaven! I just enjoy being with people so you know I had fun BUT I am also TERRIFIED of heights! It is one of the many reasons I am in Oklahoma because it is FLAT like Florida...well, most of what I have seen is;-) Anyway, we went on this hike and I am thinking it will be just a hike...you know like in the woods...on flat ground but NO...it was like THISAnd this

in case you were wondering if this was safe...here's your sign

Yes that says serious injury and DEATH! Did I mention I am an over protective Mom?? No comments from the peanut gallery...and you know who you are!

Anyway, the kids and *I* were exhausted when we left but I had to drive so this is what they did:-)

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Jesica said...

I'm glad you didn't fall off the scary mountain. (mountains in OK - HAHAHAHAHAH!)

Those are the sweetest pic of the kids. oh my gravy! I miss them so much!

Go kiss 'em all for me.