Toe meets Vacuum

Scroll down to see the piercing I added;-)

I have a beautiful Dyson...it is my friend and we get along really well! Iwon't hold this against it! I also have a beautiful purple phone...don't ask me the features because I really ONLY care that it rings, text messages and is purple...frustrating for sales people but I know what I want:-)So my phone rings and I try to move to an area of the house that is QUIET...not an easy task around here! I decide to cut through my daughters bedroom and guess what is in the way??? yep my dyson!! So my big toe gets all twisted around...I continue with my conversation without making a peep but OH MY WORD it hurt!! We went to church and I tried to act like it didn't hurt but oh it did! On Thursday while driving around...it is my RIGHT foot so I need it!...I kept flinching so I decided to get it xrayed...ONLY because it IS the big toe!! It was broken but what do ya do when you need it?? I can't stop...I have a trip to plan and shopping to do and a pedicure to get...THAT is going to hurt dontcha think??? Anyway this is my pretty toe on Thursday

And this is today:-) Ain't it purty??? Know what I am going to do since I am already in pain??? I am going to get my belly button pierced lol

Edited*********I REALLY DID IT lol And it wasn't that bad! I won't mention that the guy stopped and said a bad word because I am thick skinned lol I think the look on Jesis face scared me more than it hurt...he said in ALL THE YEARS he has done this that he hasn't ever had a problem like that lol It took him 4 tries to get it ALL the way through! I am guessing that the gallbladder surgery may have given me some scar tissue ?? I don't know but it is pierced! Yep at 38:-P


Boys VS Girls

Just wanted to share the differences between raising girls and boys lol At least MINE:-) This is all of my kids at Cicis Pizza...cute huh? Let's look a little closer....

This is my 14yo plate...I know you are thinking he is going to waste it but trust me HE WON'T

This is my 11yo plate...again he won't waste his either
This is my 8yo dd plate...she LOVES salad so it is included in EVERY mealThis is the 14 finishing up his FIRST plate...yeah he went back!

This is the 11yo finishing up his first plate also...he only went back for two things and not a full plate

This is the 8yo finishing up her one and ONLY plate...not a big eater lolThis is the 14yo on his SECOND plate and notice he is eating two slices at a time @@

Can you imagine what my grocery bill is around here???? lol


School is OUT!

YAY! It's SUMMER VACATION!!!! The kids got out on Thursday but I didn't get out till Friday:-/ We did have a wonderful meal catered by the PTA and I had BARBEQUE!! Oh how I have missed barbeque lol I have this list of places that we NEED to visit when we go to Florida in a couple of weeks...things that I haven't found here that even compare...you know like SEAFOOD??? ;-) Seriously the kids and I went to Red Lobster with Jesica (please continue to pray for her) and her family last Saturday and my scallops were the size of a nickle!! I don't think I have EVER seen one that small! To be fair I haven't been to every restaurant here so I could be missing out on something amazing...feel free to tell me what I am missing:-) Lately I have been to a few new to me restaurants that have been wonderful.
Oh yeah I bought the plane tickets to Florida so we have dates. I am taking the kids a week before they have to be there so we can spend time with my family and I can take them some places before they go to see their Dad. I am also staying a week after so I will be there for two weeks! I was sooooooooo stressed about going for that long...you have to remember I haven't seen anyone since I moved here almost 2yrs ago. I left everything to start over and I can tell you I am NOT the same person that they remember. Wednesday night at church I let go of that stress and now I am ok...really ok.... I want my family to see God all over me and how much HE has done in our lives. Outwardly I might not look the same but it is what is on the inside that I want them to see. I want God to be glorified because He has done some amazing things in our lives! I also can't wait to visit my old church Evangel Temple Assembly of God I don't think I have mentioned on here but before I moved my ex and I went to counseling at this church. It was the the first time I had to sit across from someone and tell them ALL that we were going through. It was also the first time someone (that wasn't a friend) told me I should leave. I probably should have left years before but I believe the timing was all Gods so I don't regret staying. I needed to grow some more and I did. The kids are excited about flying since this will be their first time and none of us were looking forward to a two day car ride!! I flew to Oklahoma alone in 2006 so this isn't my first plane ride...it is my second lol Plus gas prices are just insane right now! Oh my word I am going to be walking everywhere soon! I have SO much to do since we are leaving in just a couple of weeks! I have so much shopping to do but with my personal shopper it will be easy and FUN lol I have to buy luggage for the kids and myself since he kept all of that. I also need to get my hair done...I keep changing the color and I can't decide WHAT I want. I don't even know what my natural color is anymore! I think I am going to figure that out and then have it highlighted or something. I am sure I will change my mind several times before I do something! My friend that sells Mary Kay is also going to do a makeover on me:-D Fun stuff huh?? There are some not so fun things I need to do also like go through the kids rooms and their clothes to see where we are for school shopping BEFORE they leave. And clean everything!! I am not dreading this summer like I was last year...last year was the first time I had ever been away from my kids but this year I am ok. They have grown so much also and I believe they will be just fine...In some ways I am actually looking forward to it! I have friends that I love and I have some more growing to do and I think the time alone will be a good thing. I am learning who I am in Christ and....well, who *I* am and that is good thing. I have wasted way too many years of my life trying to please everyone else and now it is time to JUST please God. I also have a yard to play in and that is SO COOL! I am so enjoying yardwork!! I can't believe how MUCH I missed it! There aren't too many things better than the smell of a freshly mowed lawn and feeling that Oklahoma wind on ya while you do it;-) Life is good. My future looks pretty bright and I won't forget my shades;-) (that was for you C lol)


I have been asked in email what I plan on doing about dating and here are my thoughts on that:-) They are subject to change at God's leading!
I do NOT plan on dating again anytime soon. To be 100% honest I am REALLY enjoying my freedom right now. I was thinking about how the Bible always says you will get double for your trouble and something Joyce Meyers said the other day really rang true in my spirit...she was talking about how she never really had a happy childhood but she was having one now at sixty something and having twice as much fun!! lol THAT is how I feel! I have learned to enjoy shopping and getting pedicures and tanning and doing things that I SHOULD have done as a teen like laughing with my friends until late at night watching old home movies!....but instead I was busy being an adult with adult responsibilities. Don't get me wrong I still have A LOT of responsibilities as a single Mom but I am also having FUN...LOTS OF FUN! God has blessed me not only with some amazing women friends but someone who has been my mentor and has helped me discover who I am in Christ. Someone to pray with and over me and direct me in the ways of Christ all while teaching me about love and friendship..... SOOOOOOOOOO right now my goal is to just be the woman that God created ME to be...and while working on that I am just going to focus on building some godly friendships with women and learn how to take down some walls...Until then men are not even close to being in my plans:-) And I am ok with that...


I love mail!!

My baby boy has been at camp ALL WEEK!! I get to see him this afternoon and I can't even express how wonderful it will be to hold him!! Oh my word I have MISSED HIM! He wrote us a letter while he was at camp and I am going to type it just like he wrote it:-)

Dear Family,
I am having a really fun time at camp! We've gone fishing, canoeing, archery, stargazing and a little of everything! I miss you!! :-( At least I'll see you on Friday! :-) We haven't been talking at night time! (this is something I joked with him about) And guess what!! There are walls and curtains in the shower!!!! (again something I teased him about lol) Today we're going to dissect frogs! I slept good last night and I layed out my clothes for today. I brought everything I need and I'm in the same cabin as my friends. (something he was worried about) I love you! Miss you! Write me back!!
The Great King_____ _______ _____ the 1st!

And keeping with his personality there are pictures drawn on the letter! It was SO GOOD to hear from him and I can't wait to see him! Hey notice he likes to use !!!!!!!!!!! just like Mama lol


Oops I disappeared!!

Wow life just got busy and I haven't had time to update! Not much has happened since my last post except I have found a yard I can play in and I am enjoying that SO MUCH!! I know those who know me well know I LOVE doing yard work! Seriously. LOVE. IT. It is one of my many quirks lol Oh and did I mention my middle child is at camp ALL WEEK! without ME!! I miss him already and it is quiet without him! He is my loud talker (hush Merci and Jesi!) so trust me it is too quiet here. My baby girl didn't want him to go because she would miss his comedy! I love my kids so much! I am so thankful that I have full custody...that was a BIG answer to prayer!!! God gets all the glory for that!!! The camp is for 5th graders and is a reminder that my baby boy will be in MIDDLE SCHOOL next year...and my first born will be in HIGH SCHOOL!! Someone slow them down! My daughter and I will be attending a
Congresswoman Mary Fallin - Guest Speaker
LAKESIDE FAMILY LIFE CENTER 6810 NW 122ND if you are close enough to attend. I believe the price is $12 for adults and $10 for children...you can email me for details if you are interested! I am so excited and a friend and her daughters will be performing something that I am sure will make me cry and laugh!
School gets out this month too! I still need to book our flights to Florida for summer visitation...this will be the kids first time on a plane! I guess that is all going on in my little world..I need to run and finish the dishes from dinner so I can go play in my friends yard again lol I feel like a little kid!! Oh how I have MISSED having a yard to mow!!