I love mail!!

My baby boy has been at camp ALL WEEK!! I get to see him this afternoon and I can't even express how wonderful it will be to hold him!! Oh my word I have MISSED HIM! He wrote us a letter while he was at camp and I am going to type it just like he wrote it:-)

Dear Family,
I am having a really fun time at camp! We've gone fishing, canoeing, archery, stargazing and a little of everything! I miss you!! :-( At least I'll see you on Friday! :-) We haven't been talking at night time! (this is something I joked with him about) And guess what!! There are walls and curtains in the shower!!!! (again something I teased him about lol) Today we're going to dissect frogs! I slept good last night and I layed out my clothes for today. I brought everything I need and I'm in the same cabin as my friends. (something he was worried about) I love you! Miss you! Write me back!!
The Great King_____ _______ _____ the 1st!

And keeping with his personality there are pictures drawn on the letter! It was SO GOOD to hear from him and I can't wait to see him! Hey notice he likes to use !!!!!!!!!!! just like Mama lol

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Robert said...

hi barbie I was going back over my archives and saw a comment you had left came by and just wanted to send a lil note sounds like you are doing great such a wonderful family i hope things are well for you and that you were not hurt ny the tornadoes