Boys VS Girls

Just wanted to share the differences between raising girls and boys lol At least MINE:-) This is all of my kids at Cicis Pizza...cute huh? Let's look a little closer....

This is my 14yo plate...I know you are thinking he is going to waste it but trust me HE WON'T

This is my 11yo plate...again he won't waste his either
This is my 8yo dd plate...she LOVES salad so it is included in EVERY mealThis is the 14 finishing up his FIRST plate...yeah he went back!

This is the 11yo finishing up his first plate also...he only went back for two things and not a full plate

This is the 8yo finishing up her one and ONLY plate...not a big eater lolThis is the 14yo on his SECOND plate and notice he is eating two slices at a time @@

Can you imagine what my grocery bill is around here???? lol

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Sarah said...

LOL, I recognize those very plates. My boys' plates look exactly like that when we go to CiCi's. And I know all about the grocery bill, feeding 3 boys is no small feet~
Have a safe and relaxing trip.