Oops I disappeared!!

Wow life just got busy and I haven't had time to update! Not much has happened since my last post except I have found a yard I can play in and I am enjoying that SO MUCH!! I know those who know me well know I LOVE doing yard work! Seriously. LOVE. IT. It is one of my many quirks lol Oh and did I mention my middle child is at camp ALL WEEK! without ME!! I miss him already and it is quiet without him! He is my loud talker (hush Merci and Jesi!) so trust me it is too quiet here. My baby girl didn't want him to go because she would miss his comedy! I love my kids so much! I am so thankful that I have full custody...that was a BIG answer to prayer!!! God gets all the glory for that!!! The camp is for 5th graders and is a reminder that my baby boy will be in MIDDLE SCHOOL next year...and my first born will be in HIGH SCHOOL!! Someone slow them down! My daughter and I will be attending a
Congresswoman Mary Fallin - Guest Speaker
LAKESIDE FAMILY LIFE CENTER 6810 NW 122ND if you are close enough to attend. I believe the price is $12 for adults and $10 for children...you can email me for details if you are interested! I am so excited and a friend and her daughters will be performing something that I am sure will make me cry and laugh!
School gets out this month too! I still need to book our flights to Florida for summer visitation...this will be the kids first time on a plane! I guess that is all going on in my little world..I need to run and finish the dishes from dinner so I can go play in my friends yard again lol I feel like a little kid!! Oh how I have MISSED having a yard to mow!!

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