Date Update

Sarah asked in the comments about my date and I don't really know what to say...I will just post what I put on The Covering~ for Single Parents

Is this Normal?
For those who have gone through a divorce and started dating again…what is normal?? I went out with this REALLY nice guy last night…this is my first date since the divorce. He was the perfect gentleman and prayed and treated me like I was special. On the way home I bawled because I felt guilty. I felt like *I* was cheating even though the divorce is final. I DO NOT want my ex back BUT I still feel married I guess. Honestly I had NO clue I was going to feel that way and my emotions blindsinded me. I hate that. I guess I am not ready to date even though I have been in Oklahoma alone for almost 2 years. I don’t know if I even want to try again…EVER~


Sarah said...

I think that what you are feeling is completely normal and understandable. Not only is the situation new, you have been on your own for 2 years. Emotionally it is exhausting. Praying for you~ Hugs!

mjalfaro said...

I have been there and I understand. :) You're going to be okay and feel "normal" one day...give it a chance. It is a new experience, but the next time it will be better, I promise! You have to think about you! I love you!

Barbie said...

Thanks Sarah!!

I love you too MJ!!! I am not really in a hurry so I don't mind waiting...I love my freedom and my life plus I have such AMAZING friends now don't I? ;-)

martie said...

What you felt is totally normal! I've been there.......in fact I was so devasted by my first date 4 years after my husband passed away, that I refused to accept another one for over 2 years! And my first date was a very nice Christian man........I just wasn't ready I guess. It will get better and easier.........just hold off until you are truly comfortable with it!


Sarah said...

Thinking of you~ Hope you and the kids are OK!~


paul said...

Ever...is a long time. Just make it through today. Worry about "ever" later.