This week

This week has been SO MUCH BETTER. It started out Sunday with all of my children going home with other people...that NEVER happens and after last week it was VERY MUCH needed! I can't even tell you how great it felt to have a break! I came home and ate in bed and took a nap...I am that lame lol A friend from church called and had me meet her at a clothing store...she is like that chick on What Not to Wear and shopping seems to be her passion so I had the fun watching her get excited about clothes...I never knew there were so many rules to shopping!! I know I have mentioned on here before but I HATE shopping. I am missing the shopping gene!! The problem is I have lost 25lbs and I NEED to because clothes are falling off of me!! I had the best time shopping with her and I left with two new outfits and a few shirts...shoe and accessory shopping is scheduled for Monday or Tuesday night because I have a date on Thursday...was that a gasp I heard??? lol I will get back to that:-) The rest of the week was pretty uneventful and NOBODY in our family got sick ONE TIME!! In fact, I hate to say this but my son's breathing has been so much better without our animals. The week was busy as usual but in a good way. Thursday kind of threw me for a loop because the ex sent a pic of him and his new girlfriend in the mail....why??? It shouldn't have but it bothered me. I don't want him back but it still hurt...That was also a stressful day because my other dear friends were both having things going on that I can't fix. I think my friend from church knew it was a lot so she picked me up to run errands with her and we went to dinner. It is always fun to spend time with her and just a blessing all around. She has touched my life in so many ways and she goes over and beyond to share Gods word and push me to be the woman God created me to be... I swear she is going to be the next Joyce Meyers because I KNOW she has a calling on her life! She has taught me so much about God and myself in the short time I have been in Oklahoma.....wait it has been almost 21months!!
Oh my word time is flying!
Ok so you want to know about the date huh?? Before I tell you I will share that I am going to Florida when school is out. This will be the first time I have been back since I moved here. I am excited and nervous all at the same time! I think we will be flying. I already have my ticket home because the kids will be staying for 6 weeks. I just need to buy the tickets there or rent a car...haven't decided which will be cheaper but I am thinking flying will win because I don't want to drive two days and gas is WAY HIGH! Plus I can avoid the hotel cost if I fly...I don't know but I will decide in the next couple of weeks. Umm what else?? Oh yeah the date:-) I am going out for the first time since the divorce and I am scared to death!! Sure my friend picked out some cute clothes and I got my hair cut and colored again today but am I ready??? I don't know but I do know this man is total opposite of my ex. He REALLY loves Jesus which is a requirement to go out with me lol He has worked with teens for 20 yrs at his church and raised his two boys alone. There is more but I am not telling lol We are going to the art festival this week so it will be a public place and not as intimate as dinner so I am thinking it will be ok. I can usually get along with anyone so why am I sooooooooooo nervous??? I guess that is all in my little world...hope everyone else is doing great!!!


Sarah said...

Oh my... I am so happy for you! Glad to hear that the kiddos are feeling much better and you are getting "a little" rest. he he! Have fun and relax, God is ALWAYS good!

paul said...

Baby steps are good!

mjalfaro said...

Glad to oblige! hehe And I can't wait to hear all about Thursday! :)

martie said...

I can't believe you heard my gasp, you have great hearing! Oh, I remember this feeling.........like you're excited while at the same time questioning why on earth you said you would go! LOL.......you go and have a good time. Enjoy it for what it is.....two adults spending some fun time together and just leave it at that. Let God handle where it goes from there!

Have fun and many hugs to you and your kids.

Sarah said...


Here's to hoping it went well!