busy busy busy lol

Angela asked in the comments how I was doing and mentioned my friend Jesi. I will get back to Jesi....I haven't blogged in forever because my life is crazy busy. I know what's new?? lol
Well, here ya go....

I got a promotion and changed schools so things have changed there. More money but more responsibility and longer hours. I am still working my second job because I had to buy another vehicle since the accident and I HATE debt. This is my 'new to me' Jeep...Her name is Faith:-) Isn't she pretty?? I am so thankful that God made a way where there seemed to be none and I was able to get a great deal and a 6yr warranty:-) YAY no more car repairs for me lol I am still in physical therapy from the car accident so I have to fit in a couple of appts every week to get worked on...so not fun! I am having an MRI on my hip this week so hopefully we can get some answers and finish this part...I am ready to move on!!...I am way too busy for appts every week!

My children are doing great in school!! Here they are...

My daughter decided she wanted to play violin so she is taking lessons for that. Now I will have two children making noise...I mean music...in my home:-) I actually fixed up an area in the garage for them lol My middle child is an artist and thankfully that doesn't require noise lol...here is a picture he drew..this isn't very recent but it was the only one I had on the computer:-) he is 12...so doesn't get it from me!! not at all!!!

Ok on to Jesi...I am still in denial

I know I asked on here several times for prayers for my friend, Jesi. She was diagnosed with cancer 3 yrs ago and lost her battle last Friday. She leaves behind 3 beautiful children ages 3, 5 and 11 along with her husband. She was 33. Cancer isn't fair and it doesn't care that you have children. Jesi was an amazing friend and someone I will dearly miss. My life is better having known her...please take some time and read about her here...Jesica's Journey You will not regreat it!! Jesi was real and loved Jesus...what better combination could you ask for? :-)