I was tagged

I was tagged by my favorite person in the world Merci

1. Name someone who made you smile today?

My kids:) Did I tell you they were home? ;-) YAY!

2. What were you doing at 8:00 this morning?

I wish I could say sleeping but I was talking to the 2 out of 3 kids that were up. Considering they have been staying up all hours of the night for 6 weeks this was nothing short of a miracle. I could have done without the one getting up at 6 but I am not complaining.

3. What were you doing 30 minutes ago?

Reading blogs while eating Doritos and drinking diet coke with lime because I am all about a healthy breakfast;-)

4. Name something that happened to you in 1992?

I was in the room when my SIL had her 3rd child. Honestly it was wonderful and so heartbreaking at the same time. I had been trying to years and never thought I would be able to have my own.

5. When is your birthday?

Dec 6! You can start shopping now to beat the rush:-P

6. Four words to explain why you last threw up?

My son had surgery

7. What color is your hairbrush?


8. What was the last thing you bought?

Pizza to feed 11 people and only 3 were adults:-)

9. Where do you keep your money?

What money??

10. What was the weather like today?

Haven't been outside but the temp on my computer says 88 here and 90 in Jax, Fl. In here I have A/C so it feels great to me:-)

11. Where did your last hug take place?

In my apartment

12. What are you excited about?

My kids are home!! Keep up people lol

13. Do you want to cut your hair?

I never know..I cut it and then want it long...when it grows up I want it short. I don't know WHAT I want!

14. Are you over the age of 25?

Yes but age doesn't bother me

15. Do you talk a lot?

ROFL YES!! And I know 2 of you just snorted when you read that so HUSH!

16. Do you watch The O.C.?


17. Does your screen name have an "x" in it?

Weird question but no

18. Do you know anyone named Kelsey?

ummm no

19. Do you make up your own words?

No I just pronounce the ones we already have in my own way...did you know orange is pronounced RRR-ange? or mayor is pronounced MARE and not MAYor...Hey you grow up with a native American Mom that grew up in Rhode Island and a British Father that grew up in Alabama and see if you can talk??

20. Are you ticklish?


21. Are you typically a jealous person?

No, No No, and NO. And I can't stand jealousy, especially among girlfriends. We're not in junior high anymore.
I just left Merci's answer because she is allowed to speak for me. It is a law.

22. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter "C".


23. Who was the last person to call you?

I had to check my phone but it was the same person who tagged me for this lol I talked to others after that but I must have called them lol

24. Do you chew on your straws?

No and I can't stand it when people do...HUGE pet peeve!!

25. Do you have curly hair?

Oh no! I wish!

26. What is the next concert you're going to?

Probably Otisburg because my son will drag me:-) He is their biggest fan because he knows "guitar dude" personally.

27.Where did you go today?

I am not leaving my house today.

28. What is something you say a lot?

I am all about....I love you!....Geez I talk a lot remember? I am sure I say a lot of things a lot lol

29. Have you seen the movie 'Donnie Darko'?

Never heard of it.

30. Do you have to work tomorrow?

I have 3 kids what do you think? If you mean a paying job I don't go back till school starts.

31. Who was the last person you said "I love you" to?

I would have to say my kids in person but I am sure I just told someone else in a comment and in email. I told you I say it a lot.

32. What should you be doing right now?

Finishing my book but I know once I pick it up I won't want to put it down

33. Do you have a nickname?

I don't think I do unless you count Barbie. Oh wait the stbx might have one for me;-)

34. Are you a heavy sleeper?


35. What are you listening to?

My children talking to each other

36. What is the best movie you've seen in the past two week?

Ok this week I started out watching a movie with a friend to take my mind off the fact my son was fixin to have surgery.... then I watched a movie at another friends house....I also took the kids to see Spiderman 3 when they came home
...none of which were "the best" but I laughed and enjoyed the company

37. Is there anyone you like right now?

I am still legally married to my first mistake so NO.

38. When was the last time you did the dishes?

Last night after dinner

39. Did you cry today?

Not yet but the day isn't over.

I guess I will tag ~*~Jesica~*~ because she makes me laugh too! Hey and don't use the excuse you are going out of town!! :-P


These are the kids after I cleaned them up some lol Amazing what some haircuts can do!! It is so great to have them back home and know that they are taking their meds and all the other things that Moms seem to take care of:-) I still can't get over how much they have grown. I am not used to looking up to my 13yo! As you can see I have decided to let my oldest keep the length of his hair as long as his attitude doesn't start changing. We shall see how long it last before I decide it needs to be short again lol Friday night is our house is FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN! They are HUGE fans. This is my middle child waiting for it to come on

This is him in the middle of watching it lol

Too bad you can't hear how loud it is here but I am so loving the noise:-) I even enjoyed cooking a homecooked meal tonight knowing that they were eating healthy and not fast food.

Oh and for those who have asked about my oldest....I talked to the Dr today and the results of his biopsy confirm that he has Eosinophilic Esophagitis Now we just need to find out what it is that he is allergic to:-( Poor baby has already been through the allergy scratch test and I am not in a hurry to repeat that again! He has an appt next week to get a referral to a specialist and see where we go from here. I am just thankful that they are home safe where they belong.


Soooooooooo happy:-D They have grown so much too! My oldest is definitely taller than me now.



The kids are in Memphis, TN!! They should be here this afternoon so if I disappear I am busy kissing and hugging my kids. I can't believe I made it almost 6 weeks without seeing them or being able to hug them. They are coming home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


They're on their way!!!!!!!!!

They were delayed a day because my oldest had to had a "procedure" done in the hospital....that sounds so much better than they put my baby under and I couldn't be there. Long story but I received the call that no Mother wants to get that said something about my oldest son, the paramedics, he was in the hospital and may need surgery...blah blah blah. I am the Mom and I am supposed to be there when things happen. I think that is a law or something....Instead I was 1200+ miles away and NO planes were flying out of OKC to JAX until the next morning. Even those flights would not make it in time. Why do they all have layovers in states that are NOT on the way???!! That makes no sense to me. Do people never want to leave Oklahoma so they don't need flights out?? Even if I drove through the night I couldn't get there in time...that was a HORRIBLE feeling. I believe what I did next shows my maturity and how much I have grown in the Lord.. NOT!....I fell on the floor in hyterics because that would make things better right?? I don't think I have ever felt so out of control and I couldn't do a dang thing about it. A dear friend came over and picked me up and somehow got me through the night...wait I know how..she prayed and loved me through the night and was just there. I truly am blessed by her daily. They did it at 7:26 the next morning and he is fine. He was discharged that afternoon and they left Florida this morning around 9am est. They diagnosed him with Eosinophilic Esophagitis and did a biopsy. I should have the results of that this week. After reading all about it I was aggravated that they didn't figure this out earlier because his Pedi in Florida was a GI Dr and knew about his symptoms. I guess the good thing that came out of this is we know what it is and can treat it. That is the only good thing because the rest of this just sucked.
BUT MY KIDS ARE COMING HOME!!!!!!!! They might drive straight through so I could see them in the middle of the night YAY! My babies are coming home and I don't have to do this again for another year.




I am HORRIBLE about getting pictures developed. I don't mean I let them sit around for a couple of weeks or even a couple of months..I mean several YEARS! I decided that while the kids were gone I would drop off some old film. It had been so long I wasn't even sure what was on them or if I would cry or not. I was such a chicken that I had a friend look at them first before I did lol All together I dropped off 8 rolls but only 5 came out. I am actually sad that I lost so many pictures because some of these are just too cute! Thankfully we have a date feature on our camera because these are seriously old:-) Just to show you I am not kidding here is one of the pictures...keep in mind my children are 13, 10 and 7! In case you can't see the date in the corner it is 4/23/00 so that makes my children 6, 3 and 7 months!

3 days!!

My kids are leaving Florida to come home in 3 days!! Oh my word I can't wait!!!! :-) I am sooooo excited! I thought I would go insane without them because they have been my life for so long..I wasn't even sure who I was. I was surprised that I was able to actually enjoy myself and rediscover who I am. I still miss them with everything in me but it wasn't horrible. I didn't lock myself in my apartment and hide from the world like I thought...I am only half kidding too lol I have been able to have complete freedom and some days that meant spending time with friends and others walking around my apartment nekkid and watching movies all day. I have read a ton of books and had a lot of quiet time with my Father and I feel refreshed in some ways and exhausted in others because growing isn't always easy. I feel like this last year has been such a LONG year and I don't even feel like the same person I was when I moved here. So much has happened and God has taken me out of my comfort zone and had me totally rely of Him and some days that is hard. The cool thing about them coming home next week is I won't have to say goodbye for a whole nother year. I can't wait to have my babies home! I know I have been quiet and I appreciate the emails and phone calls checking on me...I didn't mean to make anyone worry I just haven't felt like getting on the computer;-) I am ok...God has shown me I really CAN do all things through Him when I quit trying to do it in my strength. I also have been blessed with an amazing support system. I have THE best church and the best friends. How many people can say they have friends that will come over and sit on the floor with you while you have food poisoning? AND bring you every kind of medicine just to make you feel better?...ok that is a whole story in itself but let me just say I will NEVER eat lamb again. Lamb is ewe!!....or people who will sit at the Drs with you till 2am? Or people who just call to make sure you are ok because you haven't been online? God has just blessed me with amazing friends...truly blessed me! Last year at this time I felt so alone thinking I was moving in just 10 days and here I am a year later with friends that I thank God for everyday and I couldn't be more blessed. I am just so thankful for all the things that God is doing in our lives also. God is so cool:-D


How cute is this??

This is how I have been spending part of the time away from my kids:-) This is my 3yo little friend who wanted to watch the Little People movie with me...."we can watch it TOgetHER" Who could say no to that face??
Before everyone freaks at once...I didn't just post a pic of someone elses kid without their Mom knowing it was on the internet because she put it on my myspace...after she created it for me lol I am so hip now:-P


2 More Weeks!

I know I have been quiet but I really miss my kids:-( This is so much harder than I ever imagined. I know God is in control and I remind myself of that every day...sometimes every hour:-/I talk to them daily but it doesn't compare to the hugs and kisses and seeing their faces. I know this is hard for them too and I feel bad that they feel torn between missing me and having fun. It is really hard and
when I hear things like they were lost in a waterpark while in the care their Grandpa (dhs dad)...I want to throw up thinking about the what ifs.
When I know they are staying up till 2am playing video games I get frustrated.
When I know they are spending time with Daddy AND his girlfriend I get really upset..ftr not because I am jealous but because we are still married and I don't want my kids to see sin as something that is ok because it is not. The seventh commandment is still in my Bible.
When I know they are eating fast food more often then homecooked meals I cringe.
I want them to have routine because that is what they are used to BUT I can't do anything except pray. Is that what I am supposed to learn in this? Is this another test of my faith? Wasn't trusting God to pack up and leave everything to move here enough?

Oh and for those keeping up with the longest divorce in the history of divorces...the court date is set for next Feb! Yes, that is Feb 2008! Apparently the courts are backed up and my life will just continue to stay on hold.

And so this doesn't sound entirely like I am just sitting home and crying I have amazing people in my life. I have been to Starbucks for coffee and fellowship several times with many different people. I have been out to lunch and dinner with girlfriends and other families. I have been shopping with friends. I have cooked all day with my favorite person in the whole world so I have freezer meals. I have laughed till my stomach hurt. I have been bowling. I have been to the movies. I have been given a tour of Oklahoma. I have been to Norman for boiled peanuts but they were out of them lol I have been able to love on others which so blesses me. I am planning a trip to Texas for a girls weekend. I HAVE been busy but that ache in my heart for my kids hasn't gone away. I miss them. Two weeks can't come fast enough......


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