3 days!!

My kids are leaving Florida to come home in 3 days!! Oh my word I can't wait!!!! :-) I am sooooo excited! I thought I would go insane without them because they have been my life for so long..I wasn't even sure who I was. I was surprised that I was able to actually enjoy myself and rediscover who I am. I still miss them with everything in me but it wasn't horrible. I didn't lock myself in my apartment and hide from the world like I thought...I am only half kidding too lol I have been able to have complete freedom and some days that meant spending time with friends and others walking around my apartment nekkid and watching movies all day. I have read a ton of books and had a lot of quiet time with my Father and I feel refreshed in some ways and exhausted in others because growing isn't always easy. I feel like this last year has been such a LONG year and I don't even feel like the same person I was when I moved here. So much has happened and God has taken me out of my comfort zone and had me totally rely of Him and some days that is hard. The cool thing about them coming home next week is I won't have to say goodbye for a whole nother year. I can't wait to have my babies home! I know I have been quiet and I appreciate the emails and phone calls checking on me...I didn't mean to make anyone worry I just haven't felt like getting on the computer;-) I am ok...God has shown me I really CAN do all things through Him when I quit trying to do it in my strength. I also have been blessed with an amazing support system. I have THE best church and the best friends. How many people can say they have friends that will come over and sit on the floor with you while you have food poisoning? AND bring you every kind of medicine just to make you feel better?...ok that is a whole story in itself but let me just say I will NEVER eat lamb again. Lamb is ewe!!....or people who will sit at the Drs with you till 2am? Or people who just call to make sure you are ok because you haven't been online? God has just blessed me with amazing friends...truly blessed me! Last year at this time I felt so alone thinking I was moving in just 10 days and here I am a year later with friends that I thank God for everyday and I couldn't be more blessed. I am just so thankful for all the things that God is doing in our lives also. God is so cool:-D


Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for you! But in your excitement you omitted a key comma and made it sound like your friends and others were hanging out with you nekkid around your apartment - not a nice sounding thing for such a sweet lady! LOL Just giving you a hard time.

Barbie said...

Oh Grace that made rofl!! Trust me NOBODY is here when I am nekkid. I just figured what other time can I do this because I usually have kids around AND it really saves on laundry;-)
I am all about creative punctuation because I have a dear friend that used to proofread and it drives her crazy:-D

ame said...


what a blessing ... i'm smiling ... how beautiful!

(well ... uhhh ... not the food poisoning ;)