Soooooooooo happy:-D They have grown so much too! My oldest is definitely taller than me now.


mamabeck said...


Welcome home, Barbie's Kids!!!!

Your momma sure missed you!

Clemntine said...

Thank God for digital cameras, or we might've had to wait, oh, 7 years for this picture!

Great photo of cute kids who look very happy to be home. Congratulations!

ame said...

they are obviously as elated to see you as you are to see them :) you're an awesome mom!!!!!!!

you handled all this great ... i think you've "grown" a lot, too ;)

Anonymous said...

What cuties!!

paul said...

Woo hoo! Welcome home!

p.s. Your momma loves you a whole lot!!!

Robin said...

So glad they are home safely! enjoy those kiddos!!