Hair Before and After

Just to satisfy your curiosity here are the before and after pictures:-) I am still in shock. What you can't see in the before pic is how long the back was and now it is SHORT
Hey btw look at my chin! Oh my gosh my face was fat and that was just a few weeks ago! Funny what losing 9lbs can do:-)

Just Some Random Thoughts...

....on this beautiful Saturday

My hair is SHORT...way SHORT! Like above my shoulders short!!...I still can't believe I had it all cut off. Never sit down and say "do whatever you want" unless you mean it!
I don't like making decisions and big decisions make me nauseous
I made a huge one but don't want to share it since I can't say it out loud yet lol I promise I will in a couple of weeks...2 weeks and 4 days to be exact;-)
My oldest also got a haircut and I LOVE that I can see his face again;-)
It is report card time again which means teacher conferences and I hate rushing home to do them
Being a single Mom that works full time is busy enough without having to schedule meetings with teachers
I am terrified of Dentist so I was thankful my checkup was cavity free but he still found reasons for me to come back...oh joy@@
I am in the process of teeth whitening and it taste so nasty lol
I wish I had worn my retainer like the orthodontist said
I have only had ONE diet coke in a week and I swear it really was easier to quit smoking...I think there is crack in diet coke or something.....now I look longingly at all drive thrus and convenience stores knowing that inside they have cold diet coke;-) I am sure it will pass although I quit smoking 14 yrs ago and sometimes that sounds good too.
I drank a gallon of water yesterday
It was flavored so I could deal with it but I still miss my diet coke with lime
I have lost 9lbs in the last few weeks
I have 15 more to be happy and to be able to go to Weight Watchers again for free lol
It is all part of the Extreme Makeover Barbie Edition aka mid life crisis maybe lol
Holidays are coming and I am still not happy about them
BUT I have AMAZING friends that make life easier
And I serve an AWESOME Lord that make life worth living
So even without my diet coke or food that taste good I can be happy...short hair and all;-)


Reason #492

that I love Oklahoma:-)

My son had to perform last night as part of the fall festival for his choir class...I don't know what they called it but they sang and some kids danced lol His middle school and the high school that I work at both performed so it was really cool! I don't know why this always shocks me but I hope I never forget this is one of the reasons I LOVE living here....on the list of songs that they sang AT A PUBLIC SCHOOL were
Joshua (you know the battle of Jericho one)
God is our Refuge

Gotta love living in the Bible belt:-) That so would not have been allowed back home!

On another note if you are a single Mom and don't know how to tie a tie here you go
How to Tie a Tie - wikiHow
I had such a time trying to figure it out and finally I threw it around my neck and did something that looked half way decent. Then when I arrived at school I realized I didn't need to stress because several kids were standing in line with the principal while he tied them around his neck and gave them to the boys lol Thankfully it wasn't just MY son:-)


My name is Barbie

and I am addicted to Diet Coke
I have only had ONE is the last 3 days!! ONE!
I think quitting smoking was way easier
I can do this because I can do ALL things through Christ:-)
It is just doing it with a good attitude I need to work on lol


Nice Surprise

I just wanted to brag on my kiddos tonight. I needed a girls night out withOUT kids so I met my favorite person in the whole world for dinner. A couple of hours into dinner my cell rang and it was my oldest asking if he could cook lol I told him to go back to bed. My kids eat a LOT but usually not AFTER they have gone to bed...silly kids. I found out later they just wanted to see when I was coming home so they could show me their surprise:-) I walked into my apartment to find my new pink fluffy robe sitting on my chair and the WHOLE place was cleaned.... WITHOUT ME ASKING!! They even made my bed which I didn't bother doing this morning...if you know me that only happens like once or twice a week lol They even set the dishes on the table and preset the coffee pot (I don't even know how to do that!!) so that I could have hot blueberry muffins and coffee in the morning. I won't mention to them that I am off caffeine and bread because HOW SWEET IS THAT??!! I am sure I can manage one for them....What a perfect ending to such a great day:-) Ok off to finish my white chocolate mocha with soy and go to bed....


Update...sorry so late!!

I just realized I never updated on the CT scan!! I am sooooooo sorry!!! In my defense my life hasn't stopped in the last few weeks and I have been BUSY! I also had pneumonia but I didn't let that stop me from meeting Ame and Martie lol They just got to see me looking horrible and coughing up a lung. This time I did something I have never done..I actually took ALL of my antibiotics:-D Yay me lol Ok so here is the update on the CT scan. It was "good news and bad news"...the "good news" it the Pectus Excavatum is crowding him but not smushing (that's my technical term) anything YET..he will eventually need surgery but not today:-) I am supposed to have a consultation with a surgeon who will keep an eye on him to determine the best time to do it. The "bad news" is they don't know what is causing him to not breathe. They have ruled out cystic fibrosis and that his birth defect isn't causing it so what is left? *I* don't know and they aren't telling me:-/ Google has scared me so I quit looking at that. Our regular Dr is getting a referral to a pulmonologist for a lung biopsy so that is the next step. I am waiting for the insurance stuff and I will let you know when I know something. Until then he is still taking way too many meds and still having problems. I am sure the weather change isn't helping right now either. Other than all the crap in the air I DO love fall:-) We all have fall break this Thursday and Friday so maybe I will take the kids hiking...don't know if I am brave enough but maybe:-) I am loving that I only have a 3 day work week! You have to love working in the school system for that reason alone;-)
I guess there really is nothing else going on here this week except some dentist appointments, allergy shots, youth group and normal life stuff like shopping, cooking, cleaning, spending time with friends etc...I really can't complain because although my life is busy it is also full. I have amazing friends and I get to spend time with them and that makes all the crazy stuff seem ok. I have an AMAZING church that I love. I have children that I adore...
hey my weather alarm is going off!!! brb...Ok back it was just a thunderstorm warning lol Ok I am breathing again...wow that scared me!!..hey look you get to see how my brain works lol Speaking of how my brain works. I think I got to see Frontier City last Thursday. I was so lost again. This time I was REALLY REALLY lost!! I was so prepared and had printed up directions to and from a golf course that I needed to pick something up at. Then my plans changed and I was going to stop at the golf course and then go see my favorite person for dinner with her family. Once I got to the golf course I realized I only knew how to get home and not to her house:-/ Whoops!! So I asked the guy for directions which was funny because I didn't know where I was going unless I went back home and drove there. I don't know street names I just know where to turn lol Anyway, he gives me directions and they are WRONG!! I am driving and driving and all of a sudden I realize I am really lost and there is I-35 and some huge amusement park with a spider on some big ride so I call my friends house. No answer and I am panicking because I don't know where to turn. I am sure my message amused them but I was lost! I called another friend who told me to turn around...thanks Clem! :-P Then my other friends Dad heard my message and called me back and told me how to get back to her house...she walked in while we were talking and he told her where I was and she snorted! Thanks Merci:-P I love ya'll too:-) I guess the good part is I got to see a whole nother part of the city..I wouldn't know how to get back there but I can say I have been. I can tell you one thing it is NEVER boring around here lol


Meeting Update!!

Oh my gosh I had so much fun meeting Ame and martie!! They are such beautiful women inside and out! We had a great time! We ate at Carrabbas so you know I had the best meal and then I laughed till my sides hurt because I also had the best company:-) The waiter was nice enough to keep me posted on the score of the game so I knew Oklahoma was winning and that was nice too:-D And Martie is so cute you just want to keep her as your own. I want a Mom like her!! Ame is as sweet in person as she is online. I feel blessed to have amazing friends all over the place. Ok it is after 1am and I need to sleep! Night all!! Look Martie I AM RESTING:-P



I know you are probably thinking that I am going to tell you about the awesome game that is coming on this afternoon:-P The game known as The Red River Rivalry. They take football very seriously around here...oh that reminds me have you read this article. Here is part of it
The rancor in the Red River Rivalry apparently doesn't die between football or basketball seasons.
An Oklahoma City man has been charged with aggravated assault and battery, accused of causing extensive damage to another man's scrotum just because he wore a
University of Texas shirt into a local bar.
I think the worst sentence was this one
Thomas hit the other man several times before several bar patrons intervened, but Thomas said Beckett didn't let go until Thomas heard his scrotum tear and blood ran down his leg.
OUCH! Anyway, I am excited about the game but something else is happening today that is pretty exciting too!! I get to meet Ame and martie!! Woohoo!!! If you are wondering who they are then you aren't reading The Covering~ for Single Parents:-) If you look on my sidebar you will see the button that a friend put on for me since I couldn't figure it out lol They are amazing women that have understood what other single Moms are going through and what we truly need. Martie isn't single anymore but she was and she can offer amazing perspective on what it is like to come out on the other side. All of us on the Covering have different stories and are single for different reasons. Here are a few examples:-)
Martie-Let me begin…..
Ame- Clay In the Hands
and here is mine for those who haven't read here long enough to know the whole thing
Barbie- My Journey to the Promised Land

Now for those who don't have company coming go make some football food and enjoy the game!!!


Sweat Test Update!

I promised an update but I don't have time to really have time to explain this so I am going to try and make this short. The test came back negative!! I was so prepared for a positive result that I didn't even know how to react. I just stood there in total shock. I have an amazing friend that went with us and was in the room when the Dr told us. She was excited enough for both of us:-) I was just so convinced the Drs were right that I never even thought about it being ok. I am thankful that I have friends that stood in the gap for me and prayed and had faith when I couldn't. I am thankful for a church that laid hands on him and prayed over my son and for my church that had a prayer meeting yesterday to pray for him. I am thankful that I had people from all over the place praying for him. I am thankful for the dear friend that went with me yesterday...you know I love you beyond measure! I am just thankful. My first thought when I went to type this out was to say God is good but then I realized He is good no matter what:-)Even if the results would have came back positive I would still stand here and tell you God is good! This was never a faith crisis... it was a Mommy heart that hurt for her son and a single Mom that was worried about how she would do this alone. But today I don't have to worry about that. My son does NOT have CF!!! I will update later with the results of the CT Scan! Thanks to all of ya'll who were praying! I appreciate it more than you know!