Meeting Update!!

Oh my gosh I had so much fun meeting Ame and martie!! They are such beautiful women inside and out! We had a great time! We ate at Carrabbas so you know I had the best meal and then I laughed till my sides hurt because I also had the best company:-) The waiter was nice enough to keep me posted on the score of the game so I knew Oklahoma was winning and that was nice too:-D And Martie is so cute you just want to keep her as your own. I want a Mom like her!! Ame is as sweet in person as she is online. I feel blessed to have amazing friends all over the place. Ok it is after 1am and I need to sleep! Night all!! Look Martie I AM RESTING:-P


Ame said...

Martie's already asleep ;)


Hey ... are "they" still there?!!!!!!! ;)

Barbie said...

Yes "they" are and I don't think the waiter will ever forget about us:-) I think we made quite an impression lol

mamabeck said...

SO glad you had fun! You needed that "break" with lots of laughter!!!!


martie said...

I enjoyed meeting you so very much! You are so much fun and such a hoot.........you fit right in with us two other crazies!! LOL

I had such a good time....and thanks for the kind words. I will be your Michigan Mom.........come up and see us anytime!

BTW, I'm glad "they" are still there....hee hee!