Update...sorry so late!!

I just realized I never updated on the CT scan!! I am sooooooo sorry!!! In my defense my life hasn't stopped in the last few weeks and I have been BUSY! I also had pneumonia but I didn't let that stop me from meeting Ame and Martie lol They just got to see me looking horrible and coughing up a lung. This time I did something I have never done..I actually took ALL of my antibiotics:-D Yay me lol Ok so here is the update on the CT scan. It was "good news and bad news"...the "good news" it the Pectus Excavatum is crowding him but not smushing (that's my technical term) anything YET..he will eventually need surgery but not today:-) I am supposed to have a consultation with a surgeon who will keep an eye on him to determine the best time to do it. The "bad news" is they don't know what is causing him to not breathe. They have ruled out cystic fibrosis and that his birth defect isn't causing it so what is left? *I* don't know and they aren't telling me:-/ Google has scared me so I quit looking at that. Our regular Dr is getting a referral to a pulmonologist for a lung biopsy so that is the next step. I am waiting for the insurance stuff and I will let you know when I know something. Until then he is still taking way too many meds and still having problems. I am sure the weather change isn't helping right now either. Other than all the crap in the air I DO love fall:-) We all have fall break this Thursday and Friday so maybe I will take the kids hiking...don't know if I am brave enough but maybe:-) I am loving that I only have a 3 day work week! You have to love working in the school system for that reason alone;-)
I guess there really is nothing else going on here this week except some dentist appointments, allergy shots, youth group and normal life stuff like shopping, cooking, cleaning, spending time with friends etc...I really can't complain because although my life is busy it is also full. I have amazing friends and I get to spend time with them and that makes all the crazy stuff seem ok. I have an AMAZING church that I love. I have children that I adore...
hey my weather alarm is going off!!! brb...Ok back it was just a thunderstorm warning lol Ok I am breathing again...wow that scared me!!..hey look you get to see how my brain works lol Speaking of how my brain works. I think I got to see Frontier City last Thursday. I was so lost again. This time I was REALLY REALLY lost!! I was so prepared and had printed up directions to and from a golf course that I needed to pick something up at. Then my plans changed and I was going to stop at the golf course and then go see my favorite person for dinner with her family. Once I got to the golf course I realized I only knew how to get home and not to her house:-/ Whoops!! So I asked the guy for directions which was funny because I didn't know where I was going unless I went back home and drove there. I don't know street names I just know where to turn lol Anyway, he gives me directions and they are WRONG!! I am driving and driving and all of a sudden I realize I am really lost and there is I-35 and some huge amusement park with a spider on some big ride so I call my friends house. No answer and I am panicking because I don't know where to turn. I am sure my message amused them but I was lost! I called another friend who told me to turn around...thanks Clem! :-P Then my other friends Dad heard my message and called me back and told me how to get back to her house...she walked in while we were talking and he told her where I was and she snorted! Thanks Merci:-P I love ya'll too:-) I guess the good part is I got to see a whole nother part of the city..I wouldn't know how to get back there but I can say I have been. I can tell you one thing it is NEVER boring around here lol


Clemntine said...

Glad to know you made it!

Much love,

Your Personal OnStar Operator


ame said...

Just as fun hearing it the second time ;) I just laugh thinking of you being somewhere on I35!!!!!!! Now you know that highway exists in OK!!!