Lost Cause:-)

I have told you before but I am seriously directionally challenged! I could use the excuse that I am still fairly new to Oklahoma but I never learned my way around Florida either!! Back before cell phones were real popular I remember trying to run one simple errand for my dh and a couple hours later and several stops trying to figure out how to get back I explained where I had been...Florida has bridges and I saw several that day so I was in tears trying to tell him what took so long I was like "the big blue bridge? that one! and the really HIGH red bridge that scares me?? I was on that one too and you know I am terrified of that one! I was also on some bridge that looks really cool but I had never been on that one ever!" Here I am crying because I had this newborn that doesn't like car rides and I was LOST and him and another guy just burst out laughing at how someone could get SO lost. That was 13yrs ago and I am not any better now!! Yesterday I had to go 19.69 miles from my home...I was armed with a mapquest map AND a map from my wonderful friend aka mapquest for dummies who understands how bad I really am so she types out things like "leave your apt and turn left" or "turn at On the Border" instead of saying thing like go west and take 1-whatever interstate that is.....it is the On the Border one to me. The worst thing is having to call her and tell her I still managed to get lost so I really try not to get lost. Its always an adventure with me lol I was driving trying to find a single digit exit and they were all triple digits so I was already worried. I looked at the directions a million times and then I saw the airport exits and freaked...I said a little prayer and hoped she had her coffee and was awake lol Apparently Mapquest and Mapquest for Dummies forgot to mention that if I actually stay ON the interstate I will end up in Lawton and I need to curve and take some other one 1-240 or something and the numbers will change. I only had to turn around ONCE and I made it ok. Then I left and remembered that I didn't do reverse directions and I had no idea how to get home...don't say just go the opposite way because that NEVER works for me!! So I call her back and leave an "I'M LOST" message and she calls me back. Even with her ON THE PHONE I still managed to take like 4 different interstates! FOUR!!! AND ended up either IN or near another city. I just checked my cell phone and the poor woman spent almost 30mins trying to get me somewhere I wasn't lost..btw thank you again! I really don't understand it either. If you knew how good my memory truly is you would probably be as confused as I am lol I can tell you so many useless facts but I can't get across the street without getting lost at least once @@ So I share this with you because I am just going to embrace this part of me and laugh along with you:-D Just remember if you live in OKC and we go off together just let me pay for gas and you drive unless you want to take a VERY scenic route:-)


Clemntine said...

If you get lost north of the Kilpatrick Turnpike, call me and I'll meet you for coffee.


ame said...


yes, my first thought as i began reading was that you have a photographic memory and still get lost ;)

i'm great with directions, but i have only so much memory space and it fills up quickly ;)

we'd make a great team!!!

i used to ask my ex the same question about four times in a row b/c i forgot that i asked it or i forgot his answer or i forgot both!!!

but i know where i'm going! once i get a mental picture of the place, i usually never loose it, even if i just go there once every several years or so.

btw - gosh, scared of bridges? and growing up in florida? that's REALLY rough!!! that's all florida is!

Paul said...

LOL! You buy the gas, I'll drive. Have fun learning your way around the City!

Anonymous said...

Yikes, I'll remember that too. It can be tricky learning a new city.