Thank You!

Look I rock! At least Clem thinks so:-) How sweet is she AND she has met me IRL! Yeah you can all be jealous now because I have met her :-P~~~~~~~~
I know the rule is to pick 5 and I will do that....tomorrow:-) I have to apologize but my head is pounding and looking at the computer screen makes me want to take an ice pick to my sinuses to relieve some of this pressure. Oh my word the rain won't STOP and for some reason I seem to be allergic to rain. Yeah and we are on day 16 of consecutive rain:-(

In other news if you live within a square mile of my church and woke up to find an American flag in your front yard...you're welcome lol ~*~Jesica~*~ helped so you can thank her too:-) There were over 1200 flags so obviously we had help;-) Doesn't it look pretty though?? Ok I am going to crawl back into my covers and pray the rain stops or the pounding in my head does.


Grace said...

When you talked before about going to an AOG church next to the school where you work, I thought maybe that was where you attended - especially given the awesome stories about how God has used them to bless you. Lakeside is a very awesome church - I wish I lived closer to attend. I'm so glad you've found a good home where they live out Christ's call.

And add my lament to yours - I'm sick of this rain!!

Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

i know, it's all i can do to refrain from blogging about rain every day...