My Weekend, My Car, My God:-)

There was a time not to long ago that little things would totally stress me out. You have to understand that I have a NEED to plan and know what is happening next. God has truly been working on me but like a spoiled brat I still worry and stress out. That brings me to my weekend. I believe with everything in me that God brought me to Oklahoma. That doesn't mean I have had an easy road but the provision of God has been amazing. Not one time have I doubted that God would take care of us and my kids will never forget this lesson either. Saturday the kids and I decided to go grocery shopping and to Blockbuster. As we approached the intersection to turn my car stopped going forward. It was still running but wouldn't go when I hit the gas. My heart sank because I just knew this was my transmission. If you are a long time reader you know I bought this car in July a few weeks before I moved here. I believe that God provided this car for us because it came at a time I didn't know what I was going to drive since our cars in Florida were not in my name. Out of nowhere came the opportunity to buy a car that I could afford. It is a 2000 Ford Taurus. Something happening to my car was always a fear because here I am 1200+ miles from family and what am I going to do without a car?? Normally I would cry and throw a fit and then try and figure out how *I* was going to fix this. This time I grabbed my kids hands and said "let's just go get our groceries and I will call Mr. ___ and see if he can bring us home". The kids were so funny because I think they were waiting for the tears or the all out fit and they were saying things like "hey think of all the money we will save in gas" or "we can just walk everywhere because we could use the exercise" lol I know they were trying to cheer me up and it was working. We came home and after we put the food away I went to my room. I was going to pray but decided that would just come out in sobs so I thought God talking to me would be better:-) I grabbed my Bible and just soaked in His word. I didn't call anyone to cry. I didn't freak. I didn't even email the one person that I knew would pray with her whole heart. I just gave it to God...totally. I did call a friend from church and asked for a ride on Sunday morning. I am 4 people so I had to find someone that would be alone or had a huge van lol Skipping church was NOT an option because I needed to go and this was not going to get me down. She is an important person so she had to be there early and one of the ladies in my SS class asked why I was there so early so I told her who I rode with. Her dh immediately asked what was wrong with my car and I told him that it was in the Braums parking lot and I thought my transmission went out. He grabbed my keys and another man and they left to go see about my car. Before church was out they had brought it to the church parking lot and told me it was my transmission. I think I took a deep breath and he quickly added that he had enough men in the church that had already committed to making sure my car was running that it was ok. Did you catch that??! ALREADY committed!! God had a plan in place before I even needed it! Isn't that just so God?? I have a dear friend that has been trying to teach me this lesson for years...when things happen I always hear her little southern accent saying "God isn't up there thinking...oh shoot! I forgot about Barbie! What am I gonna do now?" but that He knows and already has a plan. I just need to learn to trust. Such a hard lesson but one I think I may be starting to get:-) Isn't God just so amazing?? and not because He is taking care of my car but because I was really OK before I knew His plan. I was even counting my blessings and thinking it was a good thing it didn't happen when I got lost across town or when I was working or when the kids needed to go to the Dr...It couldn't have happened at a better place or time. That is the amazing part..I actually saw growth in ME because I allowed God to do His thing:-) Oh and I have to share this part with you. Another friend called me today and told me that I could use her vehicle till mine was fixed because she could just drive the truck and when I hesitated she told me she was already adding me to the insurance for the week so I had to hush. I hung up and called the kids in the living room because I don't want them to miss this blessing from God and I shared with them the verse I read in 1 Peter yesterday...its 1 Peter 5:10 and I am not linking it so go grab your Bible and read it:-) I told them how the men in the church had already committed to making sure our car was ok and how my other friend was going to loan us hers...my oldest son said "it is like having God insurance on the car"....yes, it is son...it is just like that:-)


mamabeck said...

Thank you for sharing this today, Barbie! I needed the kick in the bum. God WILL provide...

Hugs to you!

Grace said...


I could tell an almost identical story from several years ago. Learning to let go can be so very difficult for those of us inclined to the worry-wart syndrome. But oh what joy comes when God finally gets through!

I'm so very thankful you've found a truly caring church here in Oklahoma. We've been blessed by a few different church bodies just like yours over the years.

Clemntine said...

What a wonderful testimony, and one you and your children will look back on and find the faith to face whatever difficulties lie ahead.