I can't even begin to think of a title to put here....In fact, I don't really have any words right now so I will share with you some prayer requests and you can join me in asking God for some miracles.....

My favorite person in the whole world is hurting because of this . I can't do anything to fix it and it is breaking my heart.
I also love her Dad...he has been a "Dad" to me since I moved here. He went to court with us twice when I got divorced and was just so protective of me. I couldn't thank him enough for that....He hugged me when I cried and whispered "you did good kid" in my ear. He has just been a Dad to me and I love him so much. Actually I love the whole family and this hurts. Please pray for them and that I can be there for all of them?

Another close friend, Jesica, was admitted to the hospital on Monday because her cancer came back. She has ovarian cancer which is the same cancer my MIL had if you have been following my blog. She is ONLY 31 and the Mom of 3 babies. It breaks my heart because she is so special to me. She is the one that I go out with almost every weekend for a girls night. Our families hang out together....this isn't supposed to happen. Cancer sucks! She is having major surgery tomorrow so please pray for Jesi and her family?

Ok while I was typing this I just got a phone call and someone else that I am very close to lost her MIL. So please pray for C too? She is trying to be strong for the world and boy do I understand that! Pray that I can be a good friend to her during this?

I am going to crawl into bed and pray.....please join me? well, not in bed but in prayer;-)


Politics in my house:-)

So my children have been asking a million political questions lately....mostly at bedtime to avoid going to sleep but anyway lol I told my oldest that he was getting older and needed to start forming his own opinions and I let him use my computer. I explained the important things to look for such as prolife and marriage issues and then I let him look. I just prayed that he didn't come back with some crazy person;-) After extensive research he tells me that he is "SO VOTING FOR MIKE HUCKABEE" and in my head I am just so proud that I raised him to be a conservative republician. I asked him his reasons and waited....he said that he was reading Mike Huckabee's myspace and found out he has a band and plays the guitar JUST LIKE HIM lol Don't believe me? here ya go.... www.myspace.com/capitoloffense He has others and his wife even has one! Ok that fact made ME laugh:-)
I still totally cracked up at his logic but was pleased with his choice so I will leave it alone lol


jesus culture - how he loves us

Happy Valentine's Day:-)I am SO loved and so are YOU!


Court Update

Yesterday was an emotional day. It was sad and happy if that makes any sense to anyone other than me:-) The process was exhausting but I had wonderful a support system so I was not alone. Thank God for wonderful friends. There was a lot of compromise but in the end I think we did good. I have FULL custody of my children and that is ALL that really mattered...they are mine and even though he gets them for a few weeks each summer they still live with me. I won't post all the details but I did get no overnight girlfriend added so at least my kids won't have to see that...THAT was important to me;-) I stressed so much over this and lost so much sleep and I am just so glad it is over. Yesterday was also my 18month anniversary of moving to Oklahoma. Can you believe I have been here a year and a half?? Some days it still feels like a dream. In the last 18 months we have seen the hand of God in our lives in ways I never thought possible. They have been the most peaceful yet insane 18 months of my life. I have grown closer to my heavenly Father. I have grown as a person. I have been through counseling that is sooooo HARD. We have seen miracles in our lives. We have become a family of 4...that was the hardest for me because in the beginning I knew someone was missing but now it feels normal. This is our life and our new normal and that is ok. We are ok. When the judge told me I was divorced I cried. It hit me way harder than I thought it would. It's funny because my friends knew that would happen and I didn't. I wanted this and I was the one that left so I didn't expect it to hurt so much. Another friend had picked up my kids from school so I had to pull myself together and go get them. What I didn't know was her dh called out for pizza and had plans to watch wrestling with my kids so she could take me out to celebrate or for a shoulder. I think it was more of a celebration:-) I am divorced. I thought I would feel dirty saying it but instead *I know what I left. I know how far we have come and how much better our lives are. I am not going to let divorce make me feel ashamed because I am a survivor. I have learned that I truly can do ALL things through Christ. I was an abused wife. WAS. Now I am a single Mom that loves her kids and will do anything to protect them. I have learned to step out in faith and trust God fully. I am not perfect and never will be but I do love my Jesus. He loves me and that is enough. I am complete in Christ. For those worried....I will be ok...I really will:-) And I am divorced! It's over and I never have to go through that again and that is a wonderful feeling.