Politics in my house:-)

So my children have been asking a million political questions lately....mostly at bedtime to avoid going to sleep but anyway lol I told my oldest that he was getting older and needed to start forming his own opinions and I let him use my computer. I explained the important things to look for such as prolife and marriage issues and then I let him look. I just prayed that he didn't come back with some crazy person;-) After extensive research he tells me that he is "SO VOTING FOR MIKE HUCKABEE" and in my head I am just so proud that I raised him to be a conservative republician. I asked him his reasons and waited....he said that he was reading Mike Huckabee's myspace and found out he has a band and plays the guitar JUST LIKE HIM lol Don't believe me? here ya go.... www.myspace.com/capitoloffense He has others and his wife even has one! Ok that fact made ME laugh:-)
I still totally cracked up at his logic but was pleased with his choice so I will leave it alone lol

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