Car Update

This is my car----->
I just thought I would update ya'll on my car situation:-) Remember this post? Well, it was last Sunday that I was told they were towing my car and would let me know something. I hadn't heard anything all week and I was honestly starting to worry a little. I can go worst case scenario real quick...it is one of my many skills;-) I refused to call to find out because I was trying to just trust that God was taking care of it...again hard for me to do but I managed without so much as ONE phonecall. This morning I went to church and the man that took my keys last Sunday sat across from me and nobody said a word about the car. NOT ONE WORD. Talk about trying not to panic. After SS I was packing up my Bible and getting ready to leave and wondering if I should say anything and he said "Barbie did anyone call you about your car?...it is ready and will be delivered to the church tomorrow"...I asked what ended up being the problem and like it was totally nothing he said "you were right it was the transmission so they just put a NEW Ford transmission in it"...I just started bawling..I don't mean a little tear... I MEAN bawling! HOW in the heck do you thank someone for that?? I know it might not seem like a lot to someone else but to me this is HUGE. I need a car. I was told that the men in the church had already taken care of it so I personally walked around and thanked as many as I could. Lots of tears were shed today and not all by me lol One man looked at me and said "you can thank me by hugging my neck" and I did:-) Then he went on to explain that THIS is what churches are supposed to do...they are supposed to be the body of Christ and take care of the single folk. I can't tell you how blessed I feel and how unworthy I feel all at the same time....BUT once again God's provision is amazing and once again I just know this is where I am supposed to be..God has had His hand in this from the beginning and continues to take care of us...even when I doubt.


mamabeck said...

Praise God for the care of His children!

Great big HUGS to you, hon!

Clemntine said...

I was wondering how the car was coming. I know you'll be glad to get it back!

Sarah said...

Praise Him in every storm as He is in control... and He is GOOD... always... Hugs

Lyndy said...

What a wonderful church family you have. Far too many don't do things like this and it is a real shame.

God has truly taken care of you and that is a huge praise.

ame said...


i love this! God is awesome :)

Grace said...

We had a very similar experience about 8 years ago. We were broke, with a car on its last leg that died on the way to our new church's free car care clinic. Due to the death of our only car, we had to get a ride to church the next day. We went to the pastor (who had seen us 2 times in his life) and told him we had to cancel our meeting with him for the following day because our car died. After listening to what happened, he simply handed us his car keys and said well, you'll need a car to drive to work. We drove it for 2 weeks and then the church helped get us another car. When we were able to afford a newer car a few years later, we in turn put that blessing of a car into the hands of someone who couldn't afford a vehicle on her own. That 25 year old car is still running great and I smile with tears in my eyes every time I see it on the road.

Now THAT is what church is all about isn't it?