I am still alive:-)
I am sick of boxed meals
I miss home cooking
I miss my kids like crazy!! After spending a couple of days doing nothing I had to get out and see people. I got to meet another "imaginary friend" from the internet. She was actually a friend of a friend or a friend of a friend's friend lol I spent Saturday and Sunday with her family and remembered how much I love babies! I stayed out till almost midnight both nights! I am like a little kid with so much freedom. They even went to church with me and found out why I love my church so much. Don't worry I have been trying to spread my love around so I don't drive just one person crazy lol Of course, my favorite person in the whole world picked the time my kids went out of town to go on vacation...yeah she did!! And just when I needed her the most... Isn't that so wrong?? She is home now and I fully expect her to make it up to me by going to lunch or dinner with me SOON:::::::::BIG GRIN:::::::::(did that work cuz I know you are reading? ;-) ) I AM kidding for those who don't know me. Guilt would never work with her;-) FTR she did send me a card that arrived while she was gone so how sweet is she??? Other than that I am just watching the rain fall. I AM SO SICK OF RAIN. I thought I moved to a drier place but it has rained like two weeks straight.

Rain rain go away!!


Jesica said...

Some people are neither imaginary OR sick of you.

That's all. Have a nice day.

Clemntine said...

We need to make a date to swim over to Ann's Chicken Fry.

Rain, rain, go away!

Anonymous said...

I thought for sure the state of Washington called me yesterday asking for their weather back! Yikes.

I'd love to meet you sometime as well, we could do tea at Inspirations!

Anonymous said...

Barbie - I've been reading through some of your old posts and saw the ones about your oldest son having issues with his asthma. You mentioned that he's had bad asthma for awhile - Oklahoma allergies do a number on asthmatics like him (and my daughter). Is he on a regular allergy med? That has helped my daughter's asthma tremendously. Just curious.


Barbie said...

Aww Jes you are too sweet:-)

Clem--I am so holding you to that lol I want real food;-)

Grace--I was thinking Florida wanted their weather back lol I swear I brought it with me:-) About my sons asthma he is on Advair 250/50, Singulair, ProAir (inhaler) and Pulmacort and Albuterol for the neb. He has been doing so much better since they upped everything but now he is having problems in Florida...must be the change in climate or Mom not watching his meds.

Jesica said...

Yeah, yeah - I'm sweet. When are you coming back? LOL

Anonymous said...

It never dawned on me that perhaps this rain was your fault! Hee Hee. Now we know who to blame.

Seriously though - I'll be praying for your son's health - being the parent of an asthma sufferer is very scary and helpless sometimes - I'm praying for you too.