The Weird Meme

Shalee tagged me to do this meme but geez where do I start? lol You are supposed to list 6 weird things but it will be hard stopping at just 6!

1) I can't stand using black ink...I mean canNOT stand using black ink. Any other color will do just NOT BLACK which makes filling out forms and legal papers frustrating for me.

2) I watch tv on closed captioning when I put the kids to bed. I am loud but can only handle so much noise in one day.

3) I am so directionally challenged that I can and have gotten lost in a parking garage! Not kidding either!

4) I am scared of escalators, stairs and...well, I guess anything steep or high... I am just scared of heights lol Why do you think I moved to another flat state:-P

5) Oh one that just happened...I HATE people standing behind me while I am typing. HATE IT!

6) I have weird eating habits...I either mix all my food together OR I eat one thing at a time. No rhyme or reason lol I just do it according to my mood that day. I am also a very SLOW eater:-) Always the last to finish!

Ok now to tag 6 people Merci, Ame, Larissa, Sarah, Paul and Lynn! Have fun!

If you haven't seen my prayer request please scroll down to see JustBarbie: Calling All Prayer Warriors ...I don't want to miss out on any extra prayers;-)


Sing For Joy said...

Hi Barbie! I saw your comment at Boo Mama's and had to stop by and say I love Casting Crowns too! Have you ever been able to see them in concert? They are awesome. My girls love them too. I read some of your blog and will pray for you and will be back.

Shalee said...

Oh I can't stand for anyone to stand behind me while I type either. When my boss does it, I make all these typing errors and I wind up telling him, "You're making me nervous!!!" He doesn't stand beind me anymore...

Thanks for playing along, and I'm still praying for you, Barbie.

Sarah said...

lol... the tag actually made me stop and think about the weird things about me. Know that I am lifting you to the Lord in PRAYER.
And I can't stand anyone standing over my shoulder either.
Sending you hugs from Michigan

Lynn said...

I promise to work on this "weird things about me" but I am warning you ..... I don't know if I can stop at 6. I'll recognize you on my blog as making me identify my "other side" LOL...... thanks for the fun. I needed something else to think about. Hope you are all well...oh, and Texas doesn't make you do the weight thing on your driver's license. That is mean!