I promised an update and when I checked email this morning I was reminded I didn't give you one:-) Sorry! This week has just been busy. Nothing major just life...I have been playing catch up since the kids have been sick on and off for what seems like forever...I think it was more like 3 weeks but gosh they couldn't do it all at once lol I would get one better and the other would get sick! Not only do I hate seeing my kids sick but it was also frustrating because I have to work.

Monday we went to counseling DivorceCare: Divorce Recovery Support Groups and as much as *I* hate going it turned out to be something I needed. I was given some much needed encouragement.

Tuesday I was given the opportunity to love on a friend and her family. Her brother had open heart surgery and is doing wonderfully.

Wednesday I had my class on The Jesus I Never Knew and that has been a blessing too. I truly love my church and the people in it...oh and I can't forget this!! Wednesday night one of the teens from my school came to church. This is a girl who has told me she was an atheist and wouldn't come...I just know I serve a big God so I didn't let that stop me lol Wednesday night she came and when I took her home that night I was able to talk to her more in depth....I think she found the love and acceptance she has been so desperately seeking. Thursday she came to school with a tshirt from the youth group and Friday she had "I love Jesus" written on her hand:**) Oh and want to see how God has truly made my world a little smaller...I know I shared with ya'll that when I moved here I moved away from my entire family. I do have a friend that lives here that I met online 7 1/2 yrs ago....different city but still close enough;-) Since I have been online since the early 90's I have friends in just about every state but she was special so I was thrilled when God asked me to move here. Well, the friend of mine whose brother had open heart surgery on Tuesday has known my friend here longer than I have and loves her just as much:-) They attended the same church for I think 10yrs but her brother that had the surgey actually goes to MY church...cool huh? So when I called to let my church know he was in the hospital and was going to have surgery they were like "how do YOU know him?" guess it seems weird that this girl from Florida actually knows his family. I explained that I work with his sister. I am sure God knew all of this before I moved here but I thought it was cool that I work with a woman who has known my dear friend for years and that her brother attends my church...before you think that is just a coincidence let me remind you that Oklahoma has a church on EVERY corner so it isn't like these are the only two churches here:-) Here is the other part I thought was just SO GOD...Friday I was telling her about my little atheist girl and when I mentioned her name she knew her and just teared up...she shared with me some things that I won't share here without her permission but know that God is working in the school and it is a beautiful thing to watch....what an opportuinity to share the gospel with 2000 students. I just feel blessed to be a part of it.

Thursday my middle child had a play at school...too cute!!

Friday night I was able to..wait I already typed this out here ----> The Covering ~ for Single Parents: Starbucks and Kids:-)
Which brings me to this..I know I have some people that read here that are single and if I haven't shared with you this site here ya go The Covering The wonderful Ame has started a blog for singles written by singles. If you haven't already checked it out go now. We are all single for different reason but we all serve the same God. Enjoy your weekend!!

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Ame said...


i have had sick kids for something like six weeks, too ... if i could just have one whole week without one sick kid - ugh!

i've decided "healthy children" is extinct!!!

thank you for your email - it is amazing, isn't it; and what a blessing YOU are!!!!!!!

i love hearing stories like this about how God works! what an awesome God we serve!!!!!!!