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The Covering has moved! Thanks to Heather at Graced by Christ we have a real domain name and a very pretty site:-) For those who don't know it is a blog written by singles for singles. Some are single because of death, incarceration, deployment or divorce like myself... Different reasons but same God:-) So come check out the new site at The Covering~ for Single Parents and meet some really amazing women like Ame, lizzie, martie and winter...I know I have already been blessed by these women. It is amazing how God can take something so painful and use it for good...hmm sounds like that ALL things work together for good thang;-)


Sarah said...

I have read and am amazed sometimes that in what seems like a small world, I am not the only one with these hard to cut through feelings.
Thank you for pointing me to the site and shining His eternal light for everyone to see.


Larissa said...

I have a question, for you, your friends at the covering...whoever! What do you think about when the kids don't even notice that he's gone. I think that speaks a lot about how disconnected he was, and possibly the disconnection of the situation and how my children feel. I don't know if that makes me lucky, and I don't know if at some point I will have to deal with children who are visibly upset and voice it, but my kids (the 4 year old in paticular) doesn't seem to care. What do you think about that? Any thoughts would be helpful.


you can email me at lleem23@yahoo.com if you would rather.

Barbie said...

I answered your question on The Covering so that maybe the other ladies can give you input also

Darlene said...

That's a unique team blog. I'm sure you'll be a great source of fellowship and encouragement. I'll go check it out right now.

Darlene said...


Just after I left here, I came accross this article from Tim Bete of humor writers.org. I thought that either you or your friends at the covering might find it interesting:

SINGLE MOMS: The editor of the bestselling Cup of Comfort (Adams Media) book series is (desperately) seeking personal stories for publication in an anthology for and about single mothers. Stories can be humorous or poignant or both, and must be original, positive, and based on real people and actual events. Copy and paste the story into the body of the email; no attachments. One story per email. Send to Colleen at wordsinger@aol.com.