My Kids

Some days I can sit and watch my kids and just see their personalities...my 7yo dd is a lot like her Mama but she does things that remind me of her Grandma Elaine that passed away. Her Grandma was very anal about cleaning and I am not...don't get me wrong I like a clean house but I don't follow my kids about with Windex like she did lol My almost 10yo is an artist and sees the world differently than we do and I am always amazed at the things that come out of his mouth. My 13yo is a mix of his Daddy and myself and tends to be sarcastic like both of us. I like sarcasm so that is a good thing;-) Now that you know a little about them I want to share a conversation that actually happened in our house last night.

DD(talking fast)--Ok I have a plan...tomorrow when we get home we will all have something to drink...then we will have a snack..then we will go into the boys room and take all of their clothes out of their drawers and closet and organize them...we can give away the clothes that don't fit...do you know anyone that size? well, that doesn't matter right now...so when we finish their room we will go into mine...we can do mine last since I am just one person.

Me--when am I supposed to cook dinner?

DD--you can start it when you come home or we could go through a drive thru or call out.

Boys are laughing and I am just shocked that she has put this much thought into it and she was VERY serious. Remember she is only 7

Me--that sounds like a spring break project and not something I really want to do when I get off work ok?

DD--ok but we NEED to do it because the clothes in their drawers are not folded right

Me--yeah I need to do it anyway because spring is coming and I need to find their shorts

9yo DS--Oh my God E! now we have to clean during spring break!

DD- we say GOSH...I am pretty sure this came with an eyeroll too because they were already fussing at each other earlier.

13yo--why DO people say God when they don't believe in Him? why don't they say oh my budda? or oh my scientist? or oh my monkeys? .......

9yo (shaking head)--I have seen the video of my birth and I know it was me so I KNOW I am not adopted but sometimes I wonder


Merci said...

This made me literally laugh out loud!!! I can HEAR them saying it and hear the tone of voice too. They CRACK me up!!!!

Ame said...

this is PRICELESS!!!!!!! so VERY funny!!!!!!!

my 7 yo gets "plans" and thinks we all need to follow them.

then my 9 yo gets her own.

and all i want to do is yell, STOP!

Sarah said...

lol.... that sounds like many of the conversations at my house, only my older ones tell the youngest he WAS adopted... ha ha :)

Jada's Gigi said...

referred by Ame...so glad I came over...hilarious!!

martie said...

Kids do say the funniest things....I always marvel at their thought process! Too funny and too cute!