Aren't these so pretty??? They are EVERYWHERE! I am so used to seeing just green when I drive so things like hay like colored grass, open fields and now WHITE trees just stand out. March in Florida was always fun because it was the only time you could see lots of color and this pic shows the azaleas that were in bloom.
Since this is my first spring here I don't know what to expect so every day is exciting. So far the trees alone are fascinating to me lol I am loving the whole white tree thing! I have one tree in my front yard that is still bare so I can't wait to see what grows on it! Today I had to go shopping..yes, I have the flu but things still have to happen so no fussing:-P As I was driving to the store I couldn't help but stare at the trees...this is just a bonus to living in the "promised land"...fall has always been my favorite season but spring here might change that:-D


Jada's Gigi said...

Yep, we have trees just like that here in GA too...though the azaleas are just starting to bloom. Its lovely! Hope you are feeling better!

ame said...

welcome to the mid-west :) we have a beauty all our own out here. as we've talked, it's nothing like florida! but it is unique and precious and beautiful all the same :) do hope you are beginning to feel well - ame