Look what

5minutesformom is giving away! We’re Giving Away A Dyson Slim Vacuum!!! 5 Minutes For Mom I love to vacuum so I just HAD to enter;-) Don't worry I never win anything but it can't hurt to try. How cool of Dyson US to do this!


Larissa said...

I've never heard anyone else say that they love to vacuum. Everyone looks at me like I'm wierd when I say that, but I do love it! I inherited my grandparents brand new Kirby when they moved into the nursing home. I love it!

Larissa said...

I wanted to respond to the comment you left on my blog. I too understand the whole peace thing. I never realized what peace I didn't have in my home. There was so much chaos that I didn't realize was there, and is now gone! That makes life so much easier! Thanks for what you said, and for understanding.