To keep from stressing out about court IN!! THE! MORNING! I will tell you about my children...ya know since they are what I am fighting for:-)

My oldest is a lot like his Daddy and all the qualities I fell in love with...he is smart and sarcastic and funny. One thing he has that Daddy never did is compassion. He is the one that gets upset when his best friend isn't acknowledged for trying hard and making C's when he wins awards for making A's without trying. He will always seek out the child sitting alone so they don't feel left out. He is HUGE help around the house and rarely complains. He is still a teenager so we have our moments with him learning to deal with all the hormones but for the most part he is a joy. He is still very affectionate and still kisses me goodbye:-)

My middle child is very unique. He has always been quirky like he won't drink out of a can lol He is so very creative and loves to draw comic books. He is very good at it too! I can't even draw a stick figure but it comes to him so naturally. He sees things that most people miss and I love that. As a toddler he loved to color and always had a blank sheet to mix crayon colors to get just the right color. Even now at 10 if you give him a pen and paper he will sit and create something and he will do it quietly for HOURS. That is the only time he is quiet lol He is also my little lovey boy. He always makes sure to give kisses and hugs and tell me that he loves me. He reminds everyone to pray before bed and is extremely loving. As a baby he would lay next to me and nurse and rub my arm till he fell asleep. He loves for me to sleep with his teddy bear and will check on you a million times if you are sick.

My youngest is my baby girl. She is like a little grown up in a 7yo body. Some of the things that she says seem to come out of nowhere. After watching her for the last 7 years I are positive there are just some things that are inborn and have nothing to do with how you were raised. Yesterday was a perfect example. I HATE shopping. I believe I am missing that gene;-) I am content to wear jeans and a tshirt year round. My dd loves to shop!! I don't go very often so I have no idea what size I wear half the time so I end up taking 3 different sizes of everything in with me. I took a handful of items into the dressing room along with my dd. She looks around and sees two hooks and says "ok this will be the no pile and this will be the yes::::looking around with a serious look::::::::hmmm we still need a maybe pile" I am thinking either it fits or it doesn't but she had other plans lol She also would pick up EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF CLOTHING and say "this looks nice" One pair of pants I tried on she said "they look ok BUT you need a belt" Then she would loudly say that "this shirt might not show too much skin" This was after I tried one on and went WOOOHHHHH way too much cleavage and trust me I don't have that much so if you can see it ALL there is a problem. She asked what cleavage was and I told her skin and used that opportunity to talk about modesty in little girls...nobody better look at MY dd like that! I can't believe how fast my babies are growing up!!

Tomorrow can't come quick enough but they are worth fighting for and God is still in control:-)


Natalie said...

Thinking and praying for you and your dear ones.


Lynn said...

I'll be thinking of you on this HARD DAY. Just remember that you have the best heavenly judge/lawyer anyone could ask for and your fees are already paid. He will take care of your babies and you. He will do what is right for all. How lucky your children are that their mom is fighting for all the RIGHT reasons and not just to fight. You are special.....Get a good night's sleep. And tomorrow, toss your hair around, never make eye contact with him, look the judge in the eye though, smile alot and just be you! Beautiful you. Keep us posted.

martie said...

Your children sound like something well worth fighting for! Good luck in court and I am praying that the judge is a Christian man and will see where the children will be better off with you! Hang in there.....God is on your side!