It's over!!!

Oh my word that was STRESSFUL!! To think I was going to do that part without a lawyer!! I am so thrilled that God knew and took care of that need before I even knew it was a need. Yeah He is good like that:-D It was hard to see him and know that my whole life could change in just a few minutes. I was thrilled that I not only had an amazing lawyer but my dear friend and her dad went with me for support. He was a fun distraction and she knows me enough that she knew when to stop and pray in the middle of everything. THAT is a true gift!
The lawyers had this brilliant idea to put him and I in a room alone together to see if we could come to some kind of agreement...I should have known that was a bad idea before I agreed. He tried to do all the normal things to control the situation but I think he found out that I am NOT the same person that left him. I have found my voice;-) That ended with him leaving in a huff and me yelling things in the waiting room. Yeah I am so lovely! That is when my friend stopped everything and just started praying. I forgot for a minute that is was God's will we were seeking because my emotions took over. It was a blessing to have someone to remind of that lol After going back and forth his lawyer came back with something we could agree on so prayer works my friends!! I have FULL custody and he has 6 weeks in the summer with conditions. I won't go into all the details till the divorce is final because I NEED to see it in writing before I feel comfortable sharing. I just wanted to say thank you all again for the prayers! God is just so amazing and I don't know why I ever doubt that He will take care of me! He has and He continues to and His provision just blows me away. He has taken care of every detail to perfection and I am certain He will continue. I am just so thankful and so blessed.


ame said...

Holy God, we give You all the glory and praise here! You are AWESOME!!! Thank You for covering Barbie and her children. Thank You for Your protection over Your children. You do not forsake Your own, and You proved Yourself True once again today! THANK YOU, GOD!!! I love You, Ame :)

Lynn said...

At least it is over. Not that there still won't be some adjustments on your part to make but I believe you could honestly say the worst is over. Now, you just have to try and move on past him and his controlling self. You were certainly blessed today and I'm glad you weren't alone.

Paul said...

Praise God for fighting this battle today! Trust him. Hang in there. Better days are ahead!