Mr Magoo

Oh my word!! I can SEE!!! I knew I was having a problem reading but I didn't think it was bad enough to get an eye exam. I so do not have the face for glasses so I had every excuse in the world to not go. Some people look great in them but I have a long narrow face and glasses just overpower me. Yesterday I finally broke down and went because I am a responsible adult;-) I did need glasses:-( The lady that worked there was wonderful and quickly figured out that I was serious when I said glasses look horrible on me lol She found some small enough to do in the kids section. I figured I would wear them at home where nobody could see but I could still read without getting a headache...then I put them on...oh my word I have been missing out on so much! I was surprised at the difference lol I looked at my middle son and said "I didn't know you had freckles!!" and I was serious! The trees that were beautiful before have leaves on them. I don't think I can describe how different everything looks! I didn't even take them off till bed last night because I was just amazed that I can see. Oh and for those who know me I hate shopping and that includes the mall. I HATE the mall. I haven't even been inside a mall since I moved to Oklahoma almost 9 months ago:-) The eye place was in the mall but all I knew was it was on the second level..you would think that I would have asked what store it was near but nope. Of course, I parked on the opposite side from where it was and thought we could just walk quickly and get in and out. I am not real fond of large crowds or being stuck inside a mall. I was walking with one thing on my mind and I kept hearing "Barbie Barbie Barbie" so I looked around and every time I turned a corner there was someone else I knew. My kids thought it was so funny because here I was stressed and wanting this over with and I kept running in to everyone lol And before you think I am just this popular person I work in a high school and guess where kids hang out? the mall!! Anyway, I just wanted to share that I CAN SEE! I can't believe I was that blind and didn't know it:-)

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