Body of Christ

I have been thinking a lot lately about giving and receiving. When I moved to Oklahoma I was put in a position where I HAD to receive. When my car broke down or when I had surgery I was actually helpless and had no choice but to receive. I always wonder when God takes me out of my comfort zone what He is trying to teach me. Not because I am all spiritual and stuff but so I can learn and move on lol I don't like living outside of my comfort zone. I knew moving here He was trying to teach me to trust Him and I guess part of trusting Him was knowing He would supply all of my needs and He could use men to do it...Luke 6:38 KJV: Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.
It has been humbling to say the least. I am a much better giver but I have realized that giving IS my gift so it is easy to do. I have no problem bringing meals, cleaning and middle of the night phone calls don't bother me. There is no cost involved for me because it is how I am wired so I don't even see it as a big thing. What I have learned since I have been in a position of receiving is HOW much the little things can impact someones life. In some cases change the whole course of it! I know I have shared with ya'll before but I am blessed to be friends with one of the Godliest women I have ever known. (Stop cringing! I know you are reading so don't worry I won't link ya or mention your name;-) ) For as long as I have known her she has been a willing vessel just waiting to be used of God. I have seen her serve in various areas at church mostly involving children which blesses me on a whole nother level because I was a bus kid. I have seen her organize dinners for people who have had surgery, babysit others kids, sit at the Drs with friends who were sick...anything God has asked and even some things I am sure He didn't she was willing to do. She blesses me just by breathing but since I have been in Oklahoma she has gone over and beyond. How do you thank someone who has impacted your entire families life? How do you repay someone for that? Don't get me wrong I give God ALL the glory but I also thank Him for bringing her family in my life. I thank Him for that EVERY DAY! I can't imagine how different last week would have been without them or even last year! Because of her parents I had a lawyer willing to do this pro bono...because of her when my emotions took over she reminded me this had NOTHING to do with me and EVERYTHING to do with God's will and she prayed...she prayed right there in the court house:**) She has been there for me in so many ways over the last year that I am sure without her love and support I don't think I could have done this... The best part is she never tried to do God's job and THAT itself is a gift. She always pointed me to the One that could. Anyone can tell you what you want to hear but a true friend reminds you of what God says and points you back to Him. So thank you friend. I could go on and on with the things she has done but I don't want to take away from the fact that what she really did was just be the Body of Christ. And although I know I can never repay her in this lifetime for all that she has done she knows I will try:-) I do pray that God blesses her beyond measure and I hope that I can learn from her and be that kind of friend to others. So do me a favor and go out today and be the Body of Christ to someone...it DOES make a difference:-)


ame said...


thanks for sharing - warmed my heart :)

Paul said...

Praise God for those servants who give of themselves with love and humility. Thanks for the challenge. We must live Christ to the world.

Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

what a great post!

eph2810 said...

Barbie, what a wonderful tribute to a dear friend of yours. God always places people around us that are able and willing to help us through situations. I am glad that you have a friend like this in your life.

Blessings to you and yours.