Taking a Break

I need to take a bloggy break for at least a week. This is a side of me I wish I could hide but I am very sensitive even if I try to act tough. I already canNOT watch the news because it makes me cry. I can't see people hurt without wanting to stop and do something to fix it. Today I came home to pictures of this horrible tragedy on my welcome screen and I know this week will be the 12th anniversary of another senseless tragedy ...I still remember watching the original footage and sitting there nursing my oldest and just bawling. Now I live here and it touches me on a whole nother level. Then there is Kelli and Heather that need prayers. So much going on and I feel soooooooooooo helpless. I am learning that when I get to this point I need to just stop and pray. I am on emotional overload and already hanging on by a thread. I can't do this right now. So this week I am going to spend whatever time I would have on blogging or reading blogs and spend it praying instead. My heart just breaks for all of the families involved. Every one of those people was somebody's child or Mom or Dad or sister or brother... oh it just breaks my heart:***( Anyway, I just wanted to let ya'll know where I disappeared too so you didn't worry. My email and phone will still be open if you need me for anything else.

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Paul said...

A break is good and often needed. I took a bloggin' break for a while and I am still not quite back up to speed yet. Peace!