Internet Safety

I want to preface this by saying I am not an expert in internet safety and I do not have special equipment to run background checks:-)
Oh and before I start my "rant" on this I want you to stop and do a google search with your name in quotations.

I will wait

...la la la...

ok are you back??

are you shocked?!

If you aren't then maybe you aren't out there as much as others. If you are shocked then I want to give you some hints for keeping this stuff more private. I have this thing for putting two and two together and I can't help it.. it is how I am wired...After reading blogs for a time I can tell you a lot more info about you then you probably meant to put out there...don't worry I am not a stalker it is just how my brain works. I don't forget things that easily. I can tell you right now there are well known bloggers that talk about internet safety and don't put up pictures or use real names and yet I can give you a map to their house and their home number.... not kidding!

So here are some tips from Barbie to keep your blog more private....

because everyone uses the internet and things are posted online from your pta bulletin to your church bulletin *I* recommend not letting them use your last name EVER. If your PTA minutes or bulletins are online ask them to only use your first name and maybe the first letter of your last name. If you don't do this and your name is online it just takes a quick google search and your kids school is now known by the entire internet. Yeah I will let that soak in!! You homeschoolers can just sit back and smile lol Most of them will also say something to the effect of "contact so and so at 555-5555" and if you use your home number then anywho.com can do a reverse telephone search and now I have not only your kids school and your home number but a map to your house.

ALWAYS use your cell number or make sure your phone number is unlisted.

If you have family members that comment on your blog make sure they don't use your real name OR their email address doesn't have your last name as part of it...you would be SO surprised at how many people use their last name as part of their email addresses.

If you are subscribed to technorati and "claim" your blog don't use your last name unless you want it out there.

When you set the preferences for your email NEVER use your name. You would be so surprised how many people will send an email from an account and if you check the internet details it has their real name listed. Even if you know the person you are sending it to you never know what is getting forwarded and your name may be part of it.

I know you are proud of your family members and want to share them but newspaper articles or websites that list their full name are really all it takes to know yours. Most people share a last name with their siblings or it is their maiden name kwim?
Do you know how many family trees are online??

Remember that what is put online doesn't go away.
So be careful what you put out there because it isn't hard to find things.

this brings me to another point that has NOTHING to do with safety but I want to say it anyway and since this is my blog I will:-)

Be HONEST! always! Don't jump on the latest bandwagon...be true to yourself. I get so tired of reading things that contradict what you said in the past. I understand people change their mind but too many times I see people make comments on others blogs and they just go with the majority. If you said on your blog or in someones comments that Pokemon are evil (just an example so please don't email me about Pokemon) don't comment in someone elses that you think Pikachu is the cutest thing ever....just be yourself. I know most people don't catch on but some of us remember everything. Don't be fake...just be you:-) God created you to be the unique individual you are so be proud of that! Honesty is just so important to me so that is a huge thing for me....ok I think I am done lol
If you have any questions about how to find things online cuz I am sure there are more that I can't think of right now...email me or leave a comment and I will be glad to answer.


ame said...

Thanks, Barbie - this was really helpful ;)

ame said...

btw - another good reason not to use your name in your email address - porn people just plug in names to send out inappropriate email stuff - less able to figure out your email address if it's not your name.

Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

I like the tips. I know I give some information but I do try not to give too much. Nothing came up online with my real name, or my online name so I guess that's good?

I recently started putting text across all the photos on my blog so it would be harder for someone to save my photos on their computer and then use them as their own. I don't know if it helps but I think in my head it does. I also started using initials for family members and friends instead of names.

AND another tip for those using blogger. You can actually search all your posts for a key word. So I have typed in my real name, my husbands real name,a nd my sons to make sure I had changed over all our real names to alias names.

I also have an email address, without my real name set up.

If you've looked at my blog do you have any other suggestions on privacy for me?


Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

ps- I am even redoing my Flickr photos to have the text of my blog address right across teh middle too, so family can see them but people can't steal them as easily

dcrmom said...

This is SO interesting. I realized I did that with my email (it had my real name attached, so when someone commented on my blog, and I responded, it had my full name. YIKES!) I fixed it, but what's out there is already out there. Sigh...

Also I linked once to my "famous" uncle, and his last name is my maiden name. Ooops.

I do try to be safe, even though I put our pictures out there. But I"m afraid I've given out too much info over time. And it IS scary.