My name is Barbie

and I am addicted to Diet Coke
I have only had ONE is the last 3 days!! ONE!
I think quitting smoking was way easier
I can do this because I can do ALL things through Christ:-)
It is just doing it with a good attitude I need to work on lol


ame said...


Yes . . . it is so hard to give up that which we love ;)

Just don't take away my chocolate, okay?!!! I at least need it once a month ;)

Anonymous said...

Thankfully, Diet Coke gives me headaches, so I don't get addicted to it - but let's not talk about how often I've said I was giving up regular pop. Ugh! I'm proud of you.

Clemntine said...

I've given up DP's...and you KNOW how I feel about those!

So...wanna go somewhere for a diet water?