Reason #492

that I love Oklahoma:-)

My son had to perform last night as part of the fall festival for his choir class...I don't know what they called it but they sang and some kids danced lol His middle school and the high school that I work at both performed so it was really cool! I don't know why this always shocks me but I hope I never forget this is one of the reasons I LOVE living here....on the list of songs that they sang AT A PUBLIC SCHOOL were
Joshua (you know the battle of Jericho one)
God is our Refuge

Gotta love living in the Bible belt:-) That so would not have been allowed back home!

On another note if you are a single Mom and don't know how to tie a tie here you go
How to Tie a Tie - wikiHow
I had such a time trying to figure it out and finally I threw it around my neck and did something that looked half way decent. Then when I arrived at school I realized I didn't need to stress because several kids were standing in line with the principal while he tied them around his neck and gave them to the boys lol Thankfully it wasn't just MY son:-)


ame said...


It's the little things in life that become so big, so defining :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you love Oklahoma. My daughter's middle school programs have also often included religious-based songs.

Jesica said...

You shoulda called us. I can tie a tie.

AND I would've liked to see him in concert. Stinker.

mamabeck said...

Ya know...for the longest time, I hated to say "I'm from Oklahoma" (not now, btw)...but it's so awesome to see the "new eyes" that someone NOT from the state can appreciate it. :D

Glad his concert went well!


martie said...

Well, it's easy for me to see why you love it there. After my one visit earlier this month I think it is a lovely place to live and I am impressed with the fact that Oklahoma hasn't removed GOD from many school events like they do in Michigan!

Better watch out.....that post about our visit to you will be up in a couple days..........I promise I'll be nice......tee hee!