Just Some Random Thoughts...

....on this beautiful Saturday

My hair is SHORT...way SHORT! Like above my shoulders short!!...I still can't believe I had it all cut off. Never sit down and say "do whatever you want" unless you mean it!
I don't like making decisions and big decisions make me nauseous
I made a huge one but don't want to share it since I can't say it out loud yet lol I promise I will in a couple of weeks...2 weeks and 4 days to be exact;-)
My oldest also got a haircut and I LOVE that I can see his face again;-)
It is report card time again which means teacher conferences and I hate rushing home to do them
Being a single Mom that works full time is busy enough without having to schedule meetings with teachers
I am terrified of Dentist so I was thankful my checkup was cavity free but he still found reasons for me to come back...oh joy@@
I am in the process of teeth whitening and it taste so nasty lol
I wish I had worn my retainer like the orthodontist said
I have only had ONE diet coke in a week and I swear it really was easier to quit smoking...I think there is crack in diet coke or something.....now I look longingly at all drive thrus and convenience stores knowing that inside they have cold diet coke;-) I am sure it will pass although I quit smoking 14 yrs ago and sometimes that sounds good too.
I drank a gallon of water yesterday
It was flavored so I could deal with it but I still miss my diet coke with lime
I have lost 9lbs in the last few weeks
I have 15 more to be happy and to be able to go to Weight Watchers again for free lol
It is all part of the Extreme Makeover Barbie Edition aka mid life crisis maybe lol
Holidays are coming and I am still not happy about them
BUT I have AMAZING friends that make life easier
And I serve an AWESOME Lord that make life worth living
So even without my diet coke or food that taste good I can be happy...short hair and all;-)


Clemntine said...

I'm trying to think of something fun to do with the kids on this gorgeous Saturday...hate to waste a day like this!

I'd love to see your hair, btw, and I can't wait to see what your announcement is!

martie said...

Let me know when you make your announcement.........now you have me wondering!!!!

Send or post a picture of your new "do" ~~~~ Ame needs to do the same thing! She got hers cut too!

Take care and check your email for a link!


ame said...

I'm proud of you ... 9 pounds! And probably more by now!!!

Hummm ... I think I need Extreme Makeover, too!!!

Crack in diet coke?!! Hummm ... I'm a thinkin they've put crack in a LOT of stuff, then!!!

I'm not dreading the holidays as much this year as I was last ... don't know why ... guess I have lowered my expectations so much there's nothin I'm hopin for. I also ordered a subscription to Victoria magazine ... I've never even heard of it or seen one before ... always been a Southern Livin girl ... guess I've begun an Extreme Makeover already ... but I bought it to try to help me thru the holidays with ideas of things to do and make to make it more, well, holiday-ee.

I think your mid-life crisis is turning out great!!! ;)