How cute is this??

This is how I have been spending part of the time away from my kids:-) This is my 3yo little friend who wanted to watch the Little People movie with me...."we can watch it TOgetHER" Who could say no to that face??
Before everyone freaks at once...I didn't just post a pic of someone elses kid without their Mom knowing it was on the internet because she put it on my myspace...after she created it for me lol I am so hip now:-P


ame said...

nope, can't say no to that!

very precious :)

Sarah said...

Together is a good feeling....


Jesica said...

Wow ... that is a CUTE kid ya got there. hehehe

He misses you. It's been like 3 days, yanno. lol

Otter said...

Yeah he is!

What a cute little guy!