Toe meets Vacuum

Scroll down to see the piercing I added;-)

I have a beautiful Dyson...it is my friend and we get along really well! Iwon't hold this against it! I also have a beautiful purple phone...don't ask me the features because I really ONLY care that it rings, text messages and is purple...frustrating for sales people but I know what I want:-)So my phone rings and I try to move to an area of the house that is QUIET...not an easy task around here! I decide to cut through my daughters bedroom and guess what is in the way??? yep my dyson!! So my big toe gets all twisted around...I continue with my conversation without making a peep but OH MY WORD it hurt!! We went to church and I tried to act like it didn't hurt but oh it did! On Thursday while driving around...it is my RIGHT foot so I need it!...I kept flinching so I decided to get it xrayed...ONLY because it IS the big toe!! It was broken but what do ya do when you need it?? I can't stop...I have a trip to plan and shopping to do and a pedicure to get...THAT is going to hurt dontcha think??? Anyway this is my pretty toe on Thursday

And this is today:-) Ain't it purty??? Know what I am going to do since I am already in pain??? I am going to get my belly button pierced lol

Edited*********I REALLY DID IT lol And it wasn't that bad! I won't mention that the guy stopped and said a bad word because I am thick skinned lol I think the look on Jesis face scared me more than it hurt...he said in ALL THE YEARS he has done this that he hasn't ever had a problem like that lol It took him 4 tries to get it ALL the way through! I am guessing that the gallbladder surgery may have given me some scar tissue ?? I don't know but it is pierced! Yep at 38:-P


Sarah said...

I think that is awesome. Oh, not the toe, but the piercing. Since I am too fat to show off my belly button I opted for my nose, but I think they are cute! You GO GIRL!

TLC said...

oh my gosh! Your high school youth are gonna flip! LOL

I won't be piercing anything anytime soon.

I broke my toe on a Lego Table, it was my baby toe, and they had to set it. IT HURT! I hope your toe feels better.

Thanks for visiting my blog, and look forward to seeing you again!