School is OUT!

YAY! It's SUMMER VACATION!!!! The kids got out on Thursday but I didn't get out till Friday:-/ We did have a wonderful meal catered by the PTA and I had BARBEQUE!! Oh how I have missed barbeque lol I have this list of places that we NEED to visit when we go to Florida in a couple of weeks...things that I haven't found here that even compare...you know like SEAFOOD??? ;-) Seriously the kids and I went to Red Lobster with Jesica (please continue to pray for her) and her family last Saturday and my scallops were the size of a nickle!! I don't think I have EVER seen one that small! To be fair I haven't been to every restaurant here so I could be missing out on something amazing...feel free to tell me what I am missing:-) Lately I have been to a few new to me restaurants that have been wonderful.
Oh yeah I bought the plane tickets to Florida so we have dates. I am taking the kids a week before they have to be there so we can spend time with my family and I can take them some places before they go to see their Dad. I am also staying a week after so I will be there for two weeks! I was sooooooooo stressed about going for that long...you have to remember I haven't seen anyone since I moved here almost 2yrs ago. I left everything to start over and I can tell you I am NOT the same person that they remember. Wednesday night at church I let go of that stress and now I am ok...really ok.... I want my family to see God all over me and how much HE has done in our lives. Outwardly I might not look the same but it is what is on the inside that I want them to see. I want God to be glorified because He has done some amazing things in our lives! I also can't wait to visit my old church Evangel Temple Assembly of God I don't think I have mentioned on here but before I moved my ex and I went to counseling at this church. It was the the first time I had to sit across from someone and tell them ALL that we were going through. It was also the first time someone (that wasn't a friend) told me I should leave. I probably should have left years before but I believe the timing was all Gods so I don't regret staying. I needed to grow some more and I did. The kids are excited about flying since this will be their first time and none of us were looking forward to a two day car ride!! I flew to Oklahoma alone in 2006 so this isn't my first plane ride...it is my second lol Plus gas prices are just insane right now! Oh my word I am going to be walking everywhere soon! I have SO much to do since we are leaving in just a couple of weeks! I have so much shopping to do but with my personal shopper it will be easy and FUN lol I have to buy luggage for the kids and myself since he kept all of that. I also need to get my hair done...I keep changing the color and I can't decide WHAT I want. I don't even know what my natural color is anymore! I think I am going to figure that out and then have it highlighted or something. I am sure I will change my mind several times before I do something! My friend that sells Mary Kay is also going to do a makeover on me:-D Fun stuff huh?? There are some not so fun things I need to do also like go through the kids rooms and their clothes to see where we are for school shopping BEFORE they leave. And clean everything!! I am not dreading this summer like I was last year...last year was the first time I had ever been away from my kids but this year I am ok. They have grown so much also and I believe they will be just fine...In some ways I am actually looking forward to it! I have friends that I love and I have some more growing to do and I think the time alone will be a good thing. I am learning who I am in Christ and....well, who *I* am and that is good thing. I have wasted way too many years of my life trying to please everyone else and now it is time to JUST please God. I also have a yard to play in and that is SO COOL! I am so enjoying yardwork!! I can't believe how MUCH I missed it! There aren't too many things better than the smell of a freshly mowed lawn and feeling that Oklahoma wind on ya while you do it;-) Life is good. My future looks pretty bright and I won't forget my shades;-) (that was for you C lol)

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