The Men in My Life!

One of the things I LOVE about my church is they are our family...not just mine but to everyone that walks through the doors! I don't think there IS a friendlier church! They are always doing stuff in the community and at the school I work with...things like this! How amazing is that??!!
And they do it expecting NOTHING in return..it is just a ministry:-)
When I moved here I remember wanting to find a church that we could be involved in so my children would have a support system in place...I knew I couldn't raise them alone.. I mean cmon I moved here with 3 kids ON FAITH with NO family for 1200 miles!....you know some days I think about that fact and wonder who that person was lol For those who truly know me it is so far out of my character it isn't even funny! I don't even like to make a decision about where to eat for dinner when I go out with friends! I am the laid back one that is content to do whatever! Anyway, I love that the men are involved in my children's lives...I love that when the church has "Guy Night" that someone invites my boys...I love that when a family goes hiking they involve my children...I love that when my daughter has a "Dads and Donuts" thing at school that she feels comfortable enough to ask a friends dh...I love that! I love that my children enjoy church so much and can feel that same love that I do. I love that when I don't know what to do with a growing teenager I have a youth pastor that will take him to lunch so they can talk man to man...that stuff is PRICELESS and so important. I don't think they will ever know how much they all mean to us but check out my daughters face in this picture...this is her with her "Pops" and she couldn't have been more proud to bring him in place of her Dad..these are memories they are making with my children and I couldn't ask for anything more! I am so blessed!!

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Merci said...

Precious! I saw the "Dads and Donuts" sign on the marquis last week and thought about it! Thanks "Pops" for making a little girl's day!