Barbie is out of surgery. I just heard from one of her lady friends from church.

They removed her appendix with the lap. procedure. She's awake but groggy - and obviously there's still pain.

The doctors were big dummy heads and let her go without pain meds for an hour before the surgery, so she's ticked off at them. Also, she told them when she went in last Wed that she thought it was her appendix, but they "ruled that out" with the tests. Mmmm hmm - how's that workin' for ya?

I digress ... Barbie is ok. The worst is over. Recovering from a lap surgery is a lot easier than being stuck in a hospital for a week in exrutiating pain.

She should be home within a couple of days and telling you the rest of the story.

Thank you SO much for your prayers, I know it means the world to her. (And also to me, because I love her so much!) You all rock!


Anonymous said...

Please send her my best. She is in my thoughts and prayers. One of my best friends had the same thing happen a couple weeks ago, but her appendix ruptured. Thank God she is ok now.
Thanks for the update!

mamabeck said...

Praying for swift and pain-free recovery!!!

I bet she's even at "Mercy". Sadly, it's named that. Don't believe one moment of it. ;)

Sarah said...

Praying for quick healing and being wrapped in the loving arms of our Lord and she endures this! Hugs to all~