Just to give you something to read:-)
Here are a few of my favorite blogs

"Merci" My favorite person in the whole wide world and an IRL friend:-) Yeah I am blessed!
The Crib Chick very funny "chick" who keeps me laughing
inexorably loved an18 yr old that just blesses my heart with her love for Christ
Shalee's just funny
BooMama with her I never know if I will laugh or cry and I usually end up doing both!
Rocks In My Dryer Shannon doesn't need an introduction
All the blessings My faithful encourager
Brian Briscoe Little boy I am praying for with cancer...he has the SWEETEST Mama ever!
Blogging With
Christian Women Online
some of my favorite bloggers are here

Ok that is just a few but it will give you something to read:-)

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