Warning this is gross so if you are eating you might want to wait to read this lol I have a weak tummy when it comes to certain things :-P I can handle blood all day long but boogers and poop are a whole nother story. I WILL vomit. Also I guess to understand this story you have to know my cat and dog like the trash can so I have to keep it locked in the bathroom while we are gone. Today the trash was in the bathroom but a little nameless child left the door open. We came home to trash everywhere.....ok this was part of why I wanted to clean today lol ANYWAY, I was cleaning the boys bathroom and this little blob of brown stuff was on the tile....I was soGROSSED out! How could the boys miss the toilet while pooping?? how is that possible?? I immediately started gagging and trying not to vomit...as I was cleaning it the blob smeared which immediately triggered the vomit reflex...yuck! Then the smell hit me! Would you believe it was just PEANUT BUTTER?? lol All that drama over peanut butter:-P So that was my exciting Friday night:-D Makes being a single Mom look so glamorous doesn't it??


Bar Bar A said...

LOL! Hey you! I've missed you. Being a single mom is very glamorous indeed (I am so glad it was pb not poop)

Lynn said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I,too, am so glad you are back. When you weren't writing I was afraid something had happened. I thought maybe you had gone back to Florida. I didn't know if that would be good or bad so I just prayed. Don't leave again. As a mom though I have to also admit that I would very suspicious of a brown blob of anything on the floor.