Sorry I haven't updated and thank to those who emailed to remind me;-) lol This week has just been insane. Wednesday started out a normal day and I left early to attend the "meet me at the flagpole" at the local high school here for prayer and music...it was such a blessing to see teenagers praising God in a PUBLIC high school! I went to a private Christian school growing up so doing stuff like that was the "norm"....for these kids to take a stand in a HUGE public school is HUGE to me and refreshing:**) ...Oh and the youth pastor from the church I have been visting was there...gotta love that!! Then I went to work and had an amazing morning. I work with other Christians and we end up singing and goofing off while working. I really LOVE my job which I know is a blessing in itself...how many people can say they love their job kwim? Things are going along like any other day and then my cell buzzes...it is a dear friend and my 9yo son has been injured at school. Being a SINGLE Mom slapped me in the face HARD:-( For the first time in my life as Mom someone else went to the school to pick up my son:**( I am beyond thankful that it is someone I love and trust but it was still so hard for me. I know that my family that is reading this just gasped because NOBODY has ever been allowed to get my kids from school...NOBODY other than my parents. She brought my son to my job and we took him to a little "doc in a box" for x-rays. Monday I am taking him to an Orthopedist for a second opinion. Right now he has his arm in a splint and his elbow and hand are really swollen:-( When my 9yo doesn't want to play video games he is hurting! So that is a glimpse into the life of this single Mom:-) It seems like when things are going great satan tries to knock me down...I AM learning to get up quicker and brush myself off but some days I just get tired and wonder why it has to be so hard....I am SOOOOO thankful that I serve an understanding God that loves me no matter how many times I fail. So today I am counting my blessings (there are many!!) and taking my kids to a local museum..oh yeah! for those who don't know today is National Museum Day and you can get in for free:-) Can't beat that price!! Plus I haven't been to the one here and it sounds better than sitting at home lol Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!!

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