WOW! I thought I could just disappear and nobody would really notice but gosh I was wrong lol I have been pleasantly surprised with the emails I have received!! How sweet are ya'll??!! It is so great to know that others are praying for me and care about what is going on:-) That so touches my heart!! I guess I WILL update but because I have become increasingly concerned with internet safety I will leave my childrens names off and I might be vague about location:-) Oklahoma is pretty big so that is all you need to know lol The kids are doing great and my dd just had her 7th b-day. I wanted so much to make her b-day special since it would be her first here but unfortunately I was sick...really sick:-/ It is hard to be a single Mom and sick!! I literally laid on the couch for 2 days and if it wasn't for my dear friends Mom my kids would have had cereal for dinner two nights instead of one lol Her Mama also baked my dd a cake and brought cookies to her school so the day wasn't totally ruined. The kids Daddy flew in the day after and spent a few days with them. I took that opportunity to see a Dr and got meds for the pneumonia I had...fun times lol I had a party for her at Chuck E Cheese the following week to make up for it:-) The kids are also doing great in school and I love that the teachers email ya with updates. I am SOOOO impressed with the Oklahoma school system and I knew on paper it looked good but now I can say from experience. I also love my job and how many people can say that?? I work while my kids are in school so I can still do all the Mom things that are needed. I feel blessed that although I am a single Mom I am able to work while they are in school and I have school holidays off;-) God has really taken care of us and I am so blessed!

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Mama Koch said...

Good to see you made it off of the couch! Being sick and being Mommie isn't easy. Glad you're surviving.

Take it easy and get well.